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Warm, colourful and creative

The new colour schemes for home interiors lift the spirits

Beige, white and grey are so yesterday: Contemporary colour schemes for home interiors express a colourful diversity and an upbeat mood. They take their inspiration from the ’70s. These colours stand for freedom, enthusiastic experimentation and rejecting conventions. It is a feel for life that fits this moment in time brilliantly – after multiple lockdowns, people are craving fun and creativity. And this is also reflected in their homes. Here we present the 2022 colour trends.

Color trends 2022 are warm and cheerful.

The 2022 colour trends are warm and cheerful, like in the ’70s. (Photo: Taylor Heer on Unsplash)urful statement. (Photo: Dayne Topkin, Unsplash)

’70s colours: warm and rebellious

Mustard-yellow corduroy trousers, sage-green shirts and blue jeans: The ’70s were a turning point, and not just in fashion. Enthusiastic experimentation, equality and activism defined the decade. ’70s shades represent this openness and the younger generation’s self-confidence. Yet earthy tones such as ochre and terracotta also stand for warmth and a sense of security.

This exciting contrast between the feeling of a new beginning and enjoying the comfort of the home lends an interior a distinctive atmosphere: Creativity can have free rein in the safe space of the home. Current directions such as maximalism clearly demonstrate how a supposedly chaotic mix of shapes, colours and fabrics can in fact be cosy and inviting. The terracotta brando sofa by CAREZZA , the green Whip chair by By-Boo , the orange Porto Pino Curry armchair by KARE E and the ochre OC-PB20403 bed by POLIPOL – the latter two manufacturers are both imm cologne 2022 exhibitors – are all exciting examples of this trend.

70s colors for interior

Experimentation is back in interior design: In a return to the ’70s, we are seeing more warm reds, yellows and greens in furniture and carpets and on walls. (Photo: Karina Zhukovskaya on Pexels)

Rethinking colour accents

A completely blue kitchen with four yellow stools, a living room bathed in red with a blue chair – being bold with colours, as Sam Buckley does in his interiors, creates an amazing, refreshing effect. The 2023 colour of the year, digital lavender , is also invigorating and cheerful. Depending on the particular shade, lavender can be gentle or bold, but it always catches the eye, making it ideal for adding colour accents.

Highlights can also be created with geometric or organic shapes on the walls. Contrasting colours, circles and arcs make rooms appear larger and create an illusion of multiple levels and offset walls. The Sycamore and Ode wallpapers by Omexco create optical illusions and a natural cosiness. And for those who prefer their colour accents slightly more sparing, upholstered furniture, cushions or carpets with patterns and decorations are always an option.

Room in blue pastel color palette

The light and cheerful blue on the wall paired with chairs in the same colour and cream benches and armchairs produces a bright and modern palette. (Photo: Jess Morgan on Unsplash)

One shade, many possibilities

The colour palette is also a source of inspiration: Combining pastels, bolder shades and muted colours creates an interior with a lively ambience. A tone-on-tone look is especially popular. Pale-pink terrazzo slabs, dusky-pink tiles and a dark-pink wall colour as in the Bun Burgers Turin restaurant, designed by Masquespacio , form exhilarating contrasts – without being contrasting colours. The same colour scheme can also be applied in individual pieces of furniture, as the Sandwich Rose armchair by KARE in pink velvet demonstrates.

The entire interior can be designed in similar shades – for example with the Text wardrobe by Officinadesign Lema in terracotta, the cosy claret Pulla sofa by Studio Truly Truly for Leolux and the pink Water Lily Rosa cocktail chair by KARE .

Pink pastel room in a color palette

A tone-on-tone look on furniture, floors and walls gives a room a lively ambience. (Photo: Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash)

Colourful shades for the home and outdoor furniture

Whether they form a colour gradient or a contrast, colourful shades make a statement. So it is no surprise that the 2022 colour trends also apply outdoors. Cement tiles with oriental patterns or terrazzo slabs exude a Mediterranean flair. Blue shutters or doors bring Portugal and Greece to mind – and make for an eye-catching feature. Even whole exterior walls are painted in warm colours such as red, mustard yellow or dark green.

Italian outdoor furniture adds warm colour accents in the garden and acts as an invitation to take a moment to unwind. The furniture’s organic shapes and earthy colours express proximity to nature and ingenuity. With ideas like these, an atmosphere of well-being that fulfils the desire for creative freedom and a zest for life can be created in the outdoor area of the home as well.

Colour trends for 2022 and beyond

’70s shades that represent a lust for life, cosiness and new beginnings. Colourful accents and exciting gradients that create an ambience. And warm colours in the outdoor area that are both striking and inviting. The latest colour schemes for home interiors reflect the mood of the times: exuberance, rediscovered freedoms and the home as a new sanctuary of well-being. Discover more colour trends for next year here.