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2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

6 Inspiring Color Palettes for interiors and decor for the next year

I collected some interesting Pantone colors to try next year in interiors and design. Every year, in fact, the Pantone Color institute shares the most current color trends as seen in the catwalks; since design trends and fashion trends are strictly related, I translated the color trends that are more suitable for interiors in some color boards.

Each moodboard summarizes a different design trend that we are more likely to see in 2022: you can find the first three moodboards in this article on italianbark and enjoy the other three moodboards below, together with all the Pantone codes to be used in your projects!

Moodboard #4 / Southwestern Desert - 2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

One of the color trends to be noted for the next year is for sure orange. An optimistic, sociable, adventurous, warm-hearted and fun color, orange expresses frivolity and playfulness, connecting us back to our inner child. Orange is also the colour of joy and creativity and promotes a sense of general wellness.

Especially in pandemic times - we all need these kinds of feelings, that’s why orange should be listed as one of the top colors for 2022.

Among the many different hues of orange, Pantone Orange Ochre is especially interesting for its warmth and its reference to the earthy colors - a color trend that is still relevant and going to last. The reference is from natural landscapes, especially to hot and wild deserts.

The perfect style to exemplify the trend is a kind of bohemian style called the Southwestern Desert Style, one of the hottest decor trends now.

The style features details such as tribal patterns, earthy colours, Navajo inspired details, layers of kilim/ikat rug, geometrical patterns, to create a warm and fresh interior environment inspired by Southwestern atmospheres. In fact, the style developed in the Southwest USA, in areas like Palm Springs, Joshua tree, Arizona deserts - and in fact it has a very strong desert-inspired connotation.

Warm earthy hues are combined with warm materials such as leather, exposed wood, cord, heavy fabrics, in a background of white walls, that keeps this style very fresh and modern. Abstract shapes are another recurring theme in modern desert-style homes, together with organic forms (particularly half-circles and arches) recalling traditional desert architecture and weaving motifs found in desert regions.

In the moodboard, I combined Orange Ochre with a bright accent of Pantone Illuminating Yellow (Pantone Color of the Year 2021), a darker touch of Pantone Winery, and a neutral background color in a warm Pantone Soybean.

Moodboard #4 / Southwestern Desert color trend for 2022

Moodboard #4 / Southwestern Desert / Collage ©ITALIANBARK Sources: mood 1 | shutterstock, mood 2 | ph ITALIAN BARK, rug pattern | ph ITALIAN BARK, pattern graphic | shutterstock, interior | Horma Studio via Dezeen

Moodboard #5 / Mediterranean Vacation - 2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

For sure, one of the words you've heard this year when talking about design trends is “escapism”. Aren’t we all tired of hearing about the pandemic ? Don’t we all feel stronger than ever the desire for a vacation, craving for some holiday time on a beach?

In fashion, escapism is already one of the hottest trends for 2021, that is going to last also for the next year. As for example Who What Wear pointed out, “Escapism was a theme that many designers explored for SS21. No-one did this as literally as Versace , which had bejewelled starfish emblazoned on dresses and high fashion Hawaiian shirts. […] Think literal beach prints, high-end beach bags and platform espadrilles.”

Back to design and interiors, many experts agree that it is time now for a switch from the predominance of Scandinavian design, towards warmer and southern atmospheres inspired by the mediterranean area.

In fact, the Mediterranean environment offers the perfect cultural background and inspiration for this: warm climate, pleasant vacation feelings, natural colors, good food.

In design, Mediterranean style can be translated into spaces that blend indoor and outdoor, lots of natural light, natural materials and fabrics, dried flowers, patterns and organic shapes that recall Mediterranean vernacular architecture. Among the features of this style, for sure hand decorated tiles and zellige, together with terracotta, have to be noted.

To give the style a more modern twist, I left out in the moodboard the traditional white and blue match for a palette made of colors inspired by natural Mediterranean landscapes.

The first color of this mood is Pantone Clear Sky, a unique Maya blue very bright and airy.

In the moodboard, I combined Clear Sky with two greens: a must-green for the next year, Pantone Olive Branch, and the light and fresh Pantone Beach Grass. As an accent, Pantone Daylily is the perfect yellow: bright yet warm, with a small touch of orange inside it

Moodboard #5 / Mediterranean Vacation - 2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

Moodboard #5 / Mediterranean Vacation - Collage ©ITALIANBARK | Sources : mood 1 | pexels, mood 2 | pexels, mood 3 | pexels, pattern | ceramiche refin, graphic | society6, interior | ceramiche refin

Moodboard #6 / Cocooning Detox - 2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

Cocooning as a lifestyle is one of the key concepts we have seen during the pandemic - even if this concept actually was born in the 80s, as a way to escape from the bad atmospheres of the Cold War.

Today, the cocooning effect represents a shift towards homes that offer all necessary and desired elements of safety, security, comfort and peace of mind, other than being only “beautiful” and cosy. The concept is inspiring not only the residential design but also all the retail and hospitality experiences, which are more and more often incorporating elements of spa and wellness design.

Interiors are defined by fluid and curve shapes, soft colors and tactile materials to create reassuring spaces, in a philosophy that we can define as "design therapy"- that’s to say, spaces designed to make people feel better. In particular, the inspiration comes from the feminine word, to create comfortable and relaxing spaces where to detox from stress, technology, concerns and - again - from the pandemic.

In this moodboard, I matched fluid shapes with soft beige variations and warm whites, and only one accent color - a lilac, Pantone Purple Rose. In fact, according to color psychology, lavender and lilac are known for supporting healing and creating soothing environments for troubled minds, standing for calm, renewal and joyful pursuits, and they are among the trendiest colors for 2022 as well.

In the moodboard I selected then three neutrals, the Pantone Ultimate Grey (Pantone Color of the Year 2021), together with two warm and feminine neutrals, Pantone Perfectly Pale and Pantone Baby’s Breath.

Moodboard #6 / Cocooning Detox - 2022 Pantone Interior Color Trends

Moodboard #6 / Cocooning Detox /Collage ©ITALIANBARK | Sources: mood 1 | pexels, mood 2 | pexels, graphic | society6, sky | via Pinterest, interior | Atelier Right Hub via Dezeen

What’s your favourite mood among the 6 ones presented on italianbark here and on immcologne magazine?

In this graphic you will find all the color references with the pantone color codes:

Be inspired!

Color Chart / Pantone color trend for 2022

Color Chart / Pantone color trend for 2022

Guest article by Elisabetta Rizzato, Architect, CEO & Founder Italianbark