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Calm and optimism

The colour trends of 2021: Warm earth tones combine with bright splashes of colour

The on-trend colours for 2021 help to take our minds off the past turbulent year. They give us a feeling of hope and optimism, breathing fresh air into the place where we’re currently spending most of our time: our homes.

Furnishing with the trend colour yellow: modular sideboards from USM Haller

Furnishing with the trend colour yellow: modular sideboards from USM Haller

The Pantone Colors of the Year, 2021: Illuminating and Ultimate Gray

This year, Pantone has chosen not one but two Colors of the Year: neutral Ultimate Gray and vibrant Illuminating. A duo that could hardly be more different. But together, the two shades form a symbiosis that radiates hope and strength, and is both enduring and uplifting at the same time. Two colours that go perfectly together, and yet can also be used independently.

Pantone_Trend colours2021

“Ultimate Gray” has many facets. It’s the colour of shimmering screens in home offices, pebbles on the beach and – because Ultimate Gray can be combined with almost any shade – it’s the perfect on-trend colour. Pantone describes it as being emblematic of dependable elements. A firm and everlasting foundation that encourages a feeling of steadiness. While the warm grey radiates calm and confidence, the bright yellow shade, Illuminating, is bursting with energy, lively and exciting. A bright splash of colour that motivates us, gives us courage and makes us optimistic about the future.

“The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude.”

Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

As contrasting as the 2021 Colors of the Year are, together they form a harmonious whole. They reflect the past year and show us that contemplative, grey days are always followed by hopeful sunshine. The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a colour combination that gives us resilience and hope. We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; this is essential to the human spirit,” explains Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

A harmonious interplay of soft and bold shades

In addition to Pantone, other well-known manufacturers such as Farrow & Ball and Dulux have also chosen their colours of the year. And a clear trend is emerging – the new year is all about hope, cosiness and tranquillity.

Closeness to nature and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role. There is more demand for vegan furniture than ever before .. And we’re also turning our focus back to nature with 2021’s colour trends. Soft shades of green as well as warm beige, brown and grey tones convey a friendly, relaxed atmosphere brimming with a sense of ease. These colours are joined by delicate pastels that bring to mind bouquets of spring flowers. Soft pinks and shades of peach as well as muted mint and lilac tones bring a natural harmony to every room and help us to forget all the stresses of a hard day spent working from home. To complement earthy tones, warm chocolatey reds and browns are popular this year, creating subtle highlights in combination with neutral shades.

Fans of bright decor have not been neglected by the on-trend colours for 2021. Luminous yellows and reds, radiant blues and strong purples make for a vibrant explosion of colour. Whether as a highlight paired with calm, earthy tones or used as a bold wall paint – these eye-catching shades are sure to make you long for summer.

The 2021 on-trend colours in furnishings

The colour and interior trends from the likes of Pantone introduce fresh tones and cheerful colours into the home. A luminously bright armchair combined with delicate shades of cream, a patterned rug in strong earthy colours or pastel in all its nuances. Mixing and matching is recommended with 2021’s on-trend colours.

The Modern Dinner Sofa by Barnickel upholstered furniture
The Promotion Sofa from himolla
The Nora Kitchen of Ancona
Flora carpet collection by Nani Marquina
Halia Armchair by Koleksiyon Möbel GmbH

Whether patterns or colours: skilfully combined, soft pastel shades and the bright yellow sofa become a natural play of colours. (Photo: Barnickel) Learn more about the dinner sofa by Barnickel.

A dream in cream: If you prefer a more discreet look, opt for a combination of different earth tones. The interplay of the different nuances radiates calm and serenity. (Photo: himolla) Find out more about the sofa from himolla.

The Pantone Trend Colours 2021 Illuminating and Ultimate Gray for the bold. (Photo: Ancona) Learn more about the Ancona kitchen.

Even small colour accents can have a big effect. Floral patterns and strong earth tones become real eye-catchers in rooms with restrained colours. (Photo: Nani Marquina) Learn more about the entire carpet collection by Nani Marquina.

Radiant like the sun. (Photo: Koleksiyon Möbel GmbH) Learn more about the Halia armchair by Koleksiyon.

Buying wall paint: what to look out for

The colour trends for 2021 are taking over our walls as well as our furnishings. If you want to give your home a complete makeover, you should bear a few things in mind when buying paint, because not all paint is the same. There’s a vast choice when it comes to suppliers, shades and price ranges at DIY stores. But how do you spot a good wall paint?

One of the most important quality characteristics is opacity, which is graded between class 1 and class 4. Class 1 gives the best coverage; class 4 has the lowest “hiding power”. It’s advisable to invest in paint with a class 2 rating, in which case one coat is usually enough, even if the wall was previously brightly coloured or blotchy. The best thing is that this class of wall paint is much more radiant. In addition to opacity, it’s worth paying attention to the wet-scrub resistance class. This shows how robust and hard-wearing the wall paint is. Here too, paints are graded between class 1 and class 5. For most people, class 2 is perfectly adequate. Dirt can easily be cleaned off these paints using a damp cloth, making them especially practical for kitchens or households with small children.

Look at the label to quickly identify high-quality wall paint. That’s where you’ll find all the details about opacity, wet-scrub resistance class and gloss level. However, these details are often missing in the case of products from very cheap paint suppliers in particular. Caution is advised here, because this is often a sign of low quality. In other words, it’s worth investing a little more money, because high-quality wall paint will bring you pleasure for much longer.

A captivating colour trend

The on-trend colours for 2021 are perfect for these extraordinary times. Warm tones that transform our homes into cosy retreats where we can forget current world events for a short while. Bold splashes of colour give us hope and confidence, helping us to look into the future with optimism.

If you’re now feeling the urge to give your home a makeover with 2021’s colour trends, ambista is the place to find exciting inspiration .

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