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Cosy luxury

Dark colours create atmosphere and cosiness

Interior design in recent years has been defined by airiness, straight lines and a sense of open space: white walls, light wood and minimalist decor. Now everything is gradually moving in the opposite direction. Heavy fabrics, dark wall colours, black furniture and luxurious accessories lend interiors an almost dramatic atmosphere. Find out how cosy and stylish dark shades can be in this article.

ALKAR dining table from Materia Studios

: Dark furniture, like the ALKAR dining table from Materia Studios, creates a cosy feel with a touch of drama. (Photo: Materia Studios)

Dark interior design for a new era

A bed, a table and white walls: For a long time, minimalist style interiors predominated and represented a particular way of life. Travel was becoming easier and easier thanks to cheap flights and private holiday accommodation. Professional flexibility and the digital nomad lifestyle were an everyday reality for many people. Light and airy interiors reflected this freedom, which made travelling and relocating easy. This sense of freedom has vanished with the pandemic, at least for the time being. Yet despite all the difficulties of combining a home office, home schooling and hobbies under one roof, growing numbers of people have realised that home is the place to be . The cocooning trend was an early indication of the direction that things would move in. The latest trend’s dark colours do not represent sadness by any means. Instead, they convey cosiness, a touch of drama, and casual luxury.

“JOY.” from Canett Furniture A/S

:·Dark wall colours make an exciting contrast for wall shelves like “JOY.” from Canett Furniture A/S, made of black metal. (Photo: Canett Furniture A/S)

Creating an impression of depth with dark wall colours

A dark shade on the walls in a small room? It sounds at first as if it might feel a little confined. But with the right light, sombre colours can create a magical impression of depth that light pastel shades cannot without further touches. After all, even white walls will make a room appear larger only if it has plenty of natural light that the walls reflect.

Dark colours are elegant and mysterious. They are a mark of maturity and profundity, so it’s no surprise that calming blue is a popular choice for the bedroom. Dark walls in the living room and dining room provide an exciting contrast for images, wall shelves and decoration. Luxurious fabrics, as in the Remy daybed by SCHRAMM , paired with solid-wood furniture and plants create a warm atmosphere that invites you to pause for a moment to unwind.

ORIGINS COMPLETE Remy daybed from imm cologne 2022 exhibitor SCHRAMM Möbelwerkstätte

Paired with solid wood furniture and plants, the ORIGINS COMPLETE Remy daybed from imm cologne 2022 exhibitor SCHRAMM Möbelwerkstätten creates an inviting atmosphere. (Photo: SCHRAMM Möbelwerkstätten)

Black furniture and colourful contrasts

Those who prefer to stick to white walls can choose black flooring such as Sisal from Bolo n. Contrasts of light and dark create an atmospheric setting, as demonstrated by the BAX kitchen unit, made of black-oiled oak. At the same time, loud colours and reflective surfaces made of steel or brass are increasingly coming into play, as seen in examples such as the ALKAR dining table from Materia Studio and the C-034 chair from Mahagon i.

Materials, too, create exciting contrasts – heavy fabrics like soft velvet curtains, wool or black leather complement cool chrome framework or glass tables. And black taps, like LINUS-S from BLANCO , dark unit fronts, and worktops made from pale solid wood or white marble are defining current kitchen trend s.

Casual luxury – warm, laid-back and modern

The popularity of spas and luxury hotels is increasingly being reflected in the interior design industry. Comfort is the number one priority – fluffy rugs, upholstered chairs, smart bathrooms and soft sofas in dark, earthy tones make the home a place to relax. Muted colours, variegated patterns and natural textiles create a sense of warmth and well-being.

The new interior design trend also incorporates elements of Art Deco . The Pina side tables by pulpo , made of coloured cast glass and metal rods, are a good example of this. Opulent retro sofas, such as Belle Couture from imm cologne 2022 exhibitor JAB Anstoetz , dark, elaborately decorated wood and jazz-inspired wall lights, such as Brubeck from DELIGHTFULL , are reminiscent of a 1920s-style hotel bar. They make it possible to travel to far-off places and golden eras without leaving home.

Creative freedom as a new attitude to life

White walls and pale, linear furniture are increasingly giving way to dark colours and heavy fabrics. The home as a new focal point of life is cosy, diffuses a hint of luxury and is brought alive by exciting contrasts. Ultimately, as well as creating a holiday feeling, this fosters a new sense of freedom – the freedom to experiment on a whim in the home. There truly are no boundaries to creativity, as the new maximalism trend and the beauty of chaos demonstrate.

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