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From smart to sustainable

Current trends for the bathroom

From washing to well-being: the bathroom is more than a room for personal hygiene today. The current trends for the bathroom inspire with smart ideas, sustainable concepts and especially private spa feeling. The timing couldn't be better: almost every second German is planning a renovation of the bathroom, according to a survey of the sanitary economy . Those still seeking inspiration will find the four big trend lines here.

Smart shower from Hansgrohe SE

The RainTunes smart shower from Hansgrohe SE allows showering at the preferred water temperature, as well as a favourite song combined with the appropriate lighting mood. (Photo: Hansgrohe SE)

Smart bathroom with a high degree of everyday utility

The smart home is making routines in the bathroom increasingly more comfortable. This starts with automated functions like filling the bathtub per smartphone or controlling the temperature and flow quantities of the fittings. The possibility for varied programming enables showering at the preferred water temperature and pressure for every family member. The day can thus be started entirely individually and at the push of a button. Lovers of warm raindrops who perhaps need a little more time in the morning thus get their money's worth, just as do hard-boiled cold showerers who want to jump-start their bodies. The RainTunes shower from Hansgrohe also combines relaxing tones or favourite music with the appropriate light mood to create a successful complete experience in the private spa.

A smart bathroom convinces not only through useful everyday aids, but also offers a relaxed atmosphere and personal entertainment. Smart mirrors, for example, from Mues-Tec , can serve as a screen, for weather, traffic reports, an appointment diary or playing videos. For the theme of health, scales, ideally connected with the smartwatch, show current body values and provide nutrition and fitness tips. The bathroom can thus become a smart window on the world – through which one can already have an informative or entertaining look while brushing one's teeth.

Smart Mirror by Mues-Tec

The smart mirror from Mues-Tec unites the advantages of mirror and computer in one. (Photo: Mues-Tec)

Hygiene and cleanliness

Hygiene plays a decisive role in bathroom design. Especially the pandemic has once again accelerated this development. Its effects on the new trends in the bathroom are evident in, among other things, the choice of materials: special coatings and antibacterial surfaces keep germs, lime and dirt away. The tiles, washing stands and toilets thus remain in a hygienic state longer and are also even easier to clean.

Contact-free technologies for the fittings or flushing the toilet are also used increasingly frequently in private households. The toilet starts a cleaning program following a simple hand movement or does this entirely automatically thanks to installed sensors or time switches. The Swiss specialists from Laufen have successfully connected the toilet and bidet with the Cleanet Riva washlet . The minimalist design charms with a cohesive ceramic body with rimless flushing and the installed shower head. Hygiene in the bathroom thus reaches a new level, which is sure to experience even greater demand in future.

Sustainable trends for the bathroom

Water is one of the most important resources there is and sustainability in the bathroom is therefore an important principle for environmentally conscious interior design. Water and energy can be saved directly here. These primarily include water-saving fittings and shower heads, which nonetheless offer sufficient comfort and felt water pressure thanks to new technologies. Shower partitions of glass instead of plastic also make sense for the bank account over the long term due to their greater durability. Toilets with hydrophobic sealing, which repels water drops as if by magic, remain clean longer and reduce the consumption of cleaning agents. Washlets with installed bidet function also save toilet paper, while natural raw materials like wood, bamboo and natural rock are gaining in popularity for bathroom furniture.

Sustainable bathroom with wooden furniture and nature stone

The use of bathroom furniture from natural materials like wood or nature stone enables the design of a sustainable bathroom. (Photo: Sanibell BV on Unsplash)

From the bathroom to the private spa

The boundaries of modern room division are fluid. The bathroom is developing from the functional washroom to the comfortably designed wellness oasis with hotel feeling . Cosiness and contemporary design are becoming increasingly important – gone is the time when bathroom furniture was conceived of and purchased separately from the remaining furnishing style. From the wooden washing stand, we have today arrived at floorboards and parquet as flooring for the bathroom. The 4nature series from heibad trusts in solid wood and high quality craftsmanship for the sealing, in order to prepare the surfaces for the humid indoor climate.

In order to design the bathroom to be cosy for longer stays, upholstered furniture like the Naïve bench from Emko invites to stay and enjoy. Kept in natural colours and shades of beige, they lend the space a cosy atmosphere. We will see a fluffy rug in front of the shower or other household textiles even more often in the bathroom in future; as well as harmonious decoration in warm colours and high quality wallpapers. With these trends for the bathroom, the safe haven is once again effectively upgraded. The appropriate lighting concept relies on indirect light in connection with bright mirror lighting. Here, bamboo lights or textile lampshades radiate a wonderful cosy mood.

Upholstered seating furniture Naïve bench from Emko

Upholstered seating furniture in neutral colours like the Naïve bench from Emko invite to stay a while and enjoy time in the bathroom. (Photo: Emko)

The bathroom for personal well-being

Whether mornings or evenings, time spent in the bathroom often resembles a kind of ritual: the cleaning of body and spirit. Here you can relax while everyday life remains outside. Modern solutions offer the opportunity to adapt the bathroom at home to individual needs and integrate them into other styles of life and furnishing. Those who follow this trend can fulfil the wish for an entirely personal home spa with an atmospheric living-bathroom.