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Welcome to “Hotel Home”

A wellness oasis under your own roof

Why roam so far afield? The popularity of the trend towards taking short, luxury breaks within our own four walls has grown enormously. This longing for well-being at home is expected to continue well into the future and lead to more travel-free holidays, otherwise known as staycations. We explain what this phenomenon is all about and how you can create that hotel feeling at home in no time at all.

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Wellness and well-being at home

Interiors trends such as cocooning or hygge, which focus on comfort within our own four walls, have been very successful – and with good reason. In 2020, they didn’t just experience a revival but rather an all-time high. When even holidays are spent in our own homes, the need for greater domestic well-being and a little luxury increases. And so, without hesitation, we introduce the comforts of five-star hotels under our own roofs. Bedrooms become elegant suites, evening meals are transformed into fine dining events and bathrooms are converted into temples of wellness with matching accessories. In an era of working from home and a reduced urge to travel, setting aside time to take a break from everyday life is important for personal relaxation. With the following tips, you can recreate that hotel feeling within your own four walls and make your weekend truly special.

Tips and tricks for creating a wellness oasis at home

Holidays begin in our minds. If you enter into the spirit, you don’t need to travel far to relax. Even little things can often help to transform a home into a place of well-being.

A bathroom you can relax in

Bathroom to relax

You don’t need to have a free-standing bathtub or redecorate with dark tiles. A new rainfall shower instantly imparts a little luxury and is easy to install. Add soft towels in earthy shades, the obligatory bathrobe, a new room fragrance plus a subtle lighting concept and your home wellness room is complete. If you have more space, you can conjure up a living-bathroom using seating furniture, plants or an elegant vanity table.

Loving details

Loving details

The perfect hotel room is both homely and uncluttered. The agreeable sense of order in the room is deliberately enhanced with well-chosen design objects. Elegant bowls, vases containing fresh flowers, decorative boxes for toiletries or high-quality coffee-table books give every space a stylish touch. New cushions for the couch and a few decorative items lovingly arranged on a tray can give your own home a new look quickly and easily.

Breakfast in bed

Breakfast in Bed

A box spring bed with freshly laundered bed linen – it’s hard to think of anything that epitomises the look of a five-star hotel more than this. Those who want to invest a little can introduce a breath of fresh air to their own bedroom with high-quality textiles or a new mattress. For culinary well-being, breakfast in bed is a must, with freshly squeezed orange juice a vital component. A little preparation the day before makes the whole experience even more relaxing. There’s no room service, it’s true – but there’s no check-out pressure either, so you can continue to enjoy breakfast into the afternoon if you wish. (Photo: “Stella Alpina” box-spring bed from Ada)

Fine dining at home

Fine Dining at home

A properly laid table helps to create the atmosphere of a gourmet restaurant in your own dining room. A white tablecloth is a must. Perhaps the occasion merits new crockery? Elegant table decorations, separate cutlery for each course and a laid-back playlist are the finishing touches for a candlelit dinner at home.

Relax on comfortable upholstered furniture


Time for an upgrade? Seating makes the difference between a conventional hotel room and a high-end suite. So if you’re aiming for the look of a suite at home, there are no substitutes for elegant cocktail chairs or inviting sofas. Depending on your style choice, there are no limits to the possibilities – from soft velvet in dark shades to minimalist designer furniture. If you have enough space, why not furnish this area as a dedicated relaxation zone and, ideally, visually separate it from the rest of the living area? This way, you can actively shape your stay in your home hotel – and enjoy it with a cocktail before dinner or as a planned time-out with a favourite book. (Photo: Furninova’s stand at Koelnmesse 2020)


Well-being as an industry focus

The craving for a special experience within our own four walls is being felt particularly strongly at the moment. The trend of enhancing our homes with this particular goal in mind may well grow in the future. Of course, our perceptions of luxury vary, and it can mean something different to every individual, ranging from renovating a dream home to a targeted makeover of a bathroom. Sustainability also has an important role to play here and is already a guiding principle for many when it comes to home furnishings.

Now it’s up to the furniture industry to identify and cater to the wishes of its customers. There’s no shortage of creativity in the market, as demonstrated by the concept of the living-room sauna, which embraces the trend towards living-bathrooms and gives a whole new meaning to the term “home spa”.

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