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Interior design trend: Book-wrapt

The dream of a library in your own home

The tranquillity, the smell of books, all that knowledge concentrated in one location: libraries are magical places with a sophisticated atmosphere. The “book-wrapt” trend is now bringing this feeling into private homes – collecting books is in.

Large bookshelf with books sorted by rainbow colours.

Large bookshelf with books sorted by rainbow colours.

Interior design trend: books as decoration

The chance to dive into another world and escape from everyday life for a little while – that’s what most people find so appealing about reading. Although the conventional book has competition from e-readers and smartphones, they will probably never quite replace it.

Beyond that, books have also become home accessories that the interior design industry keeps on discovering afresh. A few years ago, the social networks were full of colourful bookshelves. Under the hashtag #rainbowbookshelf, rows of books sorted according to the colours of the rainbow became one of the big interior design trends.

Last year, it was clear from a glance at social media that collecting books had become trendy again. Coffee table books took Instagram and the like by storm. These are books that become part of the decor of a room and are skilfully placed at random not only on coffee tables, but also on shelves and sideboards. What’s special about them is that they are usually large, thick illustrated volumes that come to life through their photographs. Whether open or closed, the books are informative and decorative at the same time. Now the interior design world is being seized by another trend that celebrates bibliophilia even more.

Collecting books is on-trend

The term “book-wrapt” describes a home dominated by books and suggests a feeling of being both surrounded by and held rapt by books. Originating from the United States, the trend is turning books into sought-after home accessories. Having a library of one’s own is becoming a new status symbol. But whether the books on display have actually been read is irrelevant. What matters is the sheer volume of paper adorning the shelves. According to author Reid Byers, that’s because books have a positive effect on our well-being.

In his book, The Private Library: The History of the Architecture and Furnishing of the Domestic Bookroom, Byers explains that the allure of having your own library at home is that it “exudes the breath of generations, nourishes the senses, slays boredom, and relieves distress.” As a matter of fact, a Yale University study published in 2016 found that reading regularly reduces stress and prolongs life. So having your own library can also contribute towards mindful living .

Rima shelving

Practical in small spaces: Rima shelving can be built in two layers and easily slid across by hand. (Photo: Raumplus)

Setting up your own home library tting up your own home library

When do you have enough books for a home library? And how do you go about setting one up? If you don’t want to wait until you have collected a hundred books – or more – you can start small. Modular shelving units with adjustable shelves, like those available from String Furniture , are a great choice if you hope to expand your library later. With custom-built designs from form.bar , you can make the most of every centimetre. Whether your books fill an entire room or just one wall, enough light and a comfortable seating area are essential for a home library. A large armchair and a soft rug help to create a cosy atmosphere.

If there’s not enough space for a bookshelf in any room, staircases can also be converted into home libraries. A custom-made bookshelf can make the best use of the empty space on the walls. A particularly unusual idea is to use the space between the steps to store books. This will save space and is guaranteed to turn heads.

Sort the shelves properly

Once you have set up your own library, it’s time to make what is arguably the most difficult decision: how to sort the books. Of course, this always comes down to personal preferences. If you prefer a more low-key style, you can position your books with the spine facing the wall, creating a very calm and uniform look. Depending on the size of the library, however, this could make searching for a particular volume very time-consuming. A sure way to turn your collection of books into an eye-catching feature is to sort them by colour for a rainbow effect. To find what you’re looking for quickly, especially in a large home library, the best option is to organise your books by genre or alphabetically by the authors’ surnames.

Informative and decorative: the book-wrapt trend

Technology has got out of hand in many areas of our lives to the point where we’re inundated with multimedia content on a daily basis. Our smartphones are constant companions, and non-stop media consumption is the order of the day. The book-wrapt trend also reflects our yearning for peace and quiet, offering a little escape from our stressful everyday lives, while creating an eye-catching interior design feature at the same time.

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