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Daring design ideas for those who dream big

Oversized furniture and the new trend for going large

When more is actually more: oversized furniture is a particularly inspiring trend this year. Oversized tables, playful XXL lamps and lots of space for family and friends on massive upholstered furniture are what make up the oversized furniture trend. Find out why it works so well and what you should look out for.

Oversized Sofa by Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash

This sofa with its large backrest is a particularly striking example of oversized furniture. (Photo: Jean-Philippe Delberghe on Unsplash)

Big design ideas are the new luxury

Nowadays, we spend a lot of time within our own four walls. Furnishing trends like cocooning , with its penchant for cosy comfort, have become increasingly popular in recent years. Voluminous sofas, striking pieces of furniture and large round tables have become statement pieces for the home and form a contrast with the clean aesthetic of mid-century modern design. More than ever, we want to sink into expansive sectional sofas with oversized cushions that bring comfort and exude a sense of security. And we want to dine together at large tables and feel at ease. Large furniture offers precisely this form of comfort and luxury.

But at the same time, oversized furniture also shows a tendency towards playful, childlike notions . The sight of a piece of furniture with unusual dimensions creates a sense of fun that stimulates our imagination and questions our reality, at least for a brief moment. The childlike pleasure of rolling around on a huge sofa offers a welcome escape from our often all too serious everyday lives.

However, big interior design ideas require courage. With the following tips, you can hit the big time.

oversized cushions “Cloudscape” Sofa by Moroso.

With its oversized cushions reminiscent of enormous bed-style pillows, the Cloudscape sofa by Moroso invites you to snuggle up and stay a while. (Photo: Moroso)

Oversized upholstered furniture

Expansive modular sofas, huge armchairs, massive ottomans – extra-large upholstered furniture has invaluable advantages over smaller specimens. Besides the obvious gain in cosiness, they are ideal for social interaction with family and friends. From a design perspective, oversized furniture even makes a room feel more expansive and inviting. Focusing on a massive sofa with a powerful design language requires some courage, but the overall feeling of the room can benefit from it. Here, the eye is not lost in fleeting details, but is drawn to the essentials. Instead of the uncertain question of whether there is enough space on the sofa, oversized furniture provides a clear answer: Here I am, come join me and enjoy the entire surface with all your senses.

Courageous designers and manufacturers have long since embraced the trend. Just looking at the Boa sofa by Italian brand Edra , you would love nothing more than to snuggle into the oversized ball of wool made of 120 metres of velvet hose. Somewhat more solid, but also with an outspoken Italian design language, Moroso presents two sofas with sprawling proportions: the Nebula Nine and Cloudscape . The oversized Up-lift armchair by Prostoria hides an entire bed thanks to its fold-out base, while HYGGE by WINI offers plenty of privacy even in the home office thanks to its extremely high backrest.

The oversized “Hygge by Connection” armchairs from Wini

The oversized “Hygge by Connection” armchairs from Wini add structure to open-plan spaces. (Photo: Wini )

Plump furniture, bold colours and large-scale motifs

The oversized trend has also spread to the rest of the furnishings. The larger the piece of furniture, the more finesse it needs. If the surrounding décor already tends towards being maximalist , colourful and somewhat cluttered, oversized furniture can quickly lose its effect. These bold pieces need space to be able to bring their full beauty to the fore by creating contrast with the rest of the room. As long as this is the case, however, almost anything goes:

  • Huge dining tables with solid wood tops look rustic and inviting like a long festive table. Large round tables create an ambience of luxury when as many friends or family members as possible gather around them. With its diameter of 180cm (around 70 inches), the striking Bloom table by Mundus Viridis , made of black marble and dark walnut wood, immediately catches the eye, and the matching coffee table from the collection, measuring 100cm (approx. 40 inches) in diameter, is unlikely to be overlooked either.
  • Expansive rugs perfectly underscore the luxurious ambience created by the oversized furniture pieces. Large surfaces in bold colours can be used here, as in the designs by Ouwen Mori and Paolo Giordano for EDELGRUND . With their diameter of 200cm (almost 80 inches), the round rugs from the Floreo collection by AYTM also take up a lot of space.
  • Another must-have in the oversized furniture trend are large lamps. We feel particularly cosy on the sofa under tall, arched floor lamps, such as Ayno by Midgard or the Popo pendant lamp by CustomForm , which can be spread across the entire ceiling.
  • And for outdoors? In the garden or on the terrace, extra-large loungers for stretching out in the sun are also enjoying increased demand. Those with ample space available can opt for the round Isle Lounge outdoor sofa by ASOBI , which could accommodate half a football team.
  • Wallpapers with large-scale motifs are also a good idea for skilfully setting the scene for this new trend. Wall-high floral motifs or huge faces from the ALOHA collection by Affreschi & Affreschi bring exciting, playful dimensions, even to small rooms.

Oversized Furniture: the new trend for going large

Oversized armchairs, round furniture pieces and large tables not only bring playful dynamism and contrast to a room; they also provide cosy comfort and exude a sense of security. This is where you can make your really big design dreams come true. More and more manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and creating expansive designs. The trend towards oversized furniture will certainly be with us for a long time to come – in any case, by its very nature, it cannot be overlooked.

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