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Multicoloured and full of imagination

Playful furnishing is becoming a trend

“I make the world for myself as I like it” was the maxim by which Pippi Longstocking lived in Villa Villekulla with Mr Nilsson and Little Old Man. The new furnishing trend also expresses a similar spirit: cheerful colours, organic patterns and textured fabrics transform homes into spaces of play and imagination. But, after years of minimalism, from where does this new desire for playfulness come? And how does this new, playful approach to interior design look?

Playful living room by Spacejoy on Unsplash.

Playful furnishing stimulates our imaginations with deliberate chaos (photo: Unsplash).

The significance of playful furnishing

When we spend as much time at home as we have over the last couple of years, we can sometimes feel haunted by a touch of claustrophobia. As the months pass, we start to yearn for new sources of ideas, feelings and stimulation. Playful furnishing can supply the necessary variety: geometrically patterned wallpaper, colourful furniture and deliberate chaos impart a feeling of cosiness and stimulate our imaginations. The uplifting effect of shapes and colours allows us to forget the news, the dismal weather and the daily grind for a while – just like children absorbed in play.

Many people are also using this time at home to finally take pause, get creative and re-establish a connection with their inner child. Playful furnishing is an expression of this new connectedness: in the safety of our own four walls we can fully be ourselves, try things out, daydream and enjoy life without a care in the world.

Liveliness with colourful walls

Arguably the greatest contrast to minimalism is found in the wide range of colours used in the new interior design trend . Everything is allowed, from pastel shades and earthy tones to neon colours – the more colourful the room, the better the mood.

All walls in the same colour? That’s so yesterday! Contrasts, patterns and decors define the interior style. A white wall, for example, can be transformed by wallpaper with geometric patterns or waves in powerful, contrasting colours. A bright-green arch and partly overlapping pink and yellow circles give the room more depth and aliveness. At the same time, they provide a point of orientation for your furnishing and serve as a background for the bed or wall lamp.

Another way of adding some excitement is with multicolour wallpaper boasting geometric patterns, such as the ones supplied by OMEXCO , such as the ones supplied by OMEXCO, which – in the spirit of popular 1970s designs – have an almost hypnotic effect. Playful, organic motifs such as animals, fruit and leaves are also very popular. One of the companies demonstrating the breadth of design possibilities is Affreschi & Affreschi . Incidentally, with this new interior design trend, wallpaper is not just for walls but also for the ceiling – which is ideal when you want to do some daydreaming.

Yellow "Naive" side table by Emko.

As part of the trend for all things childlike and playful, organic patterns and colourful furniture such as the Naïve side tables by EMKO are particularly popular (photo: Emko).

Colourful furniture in organic shapes

Another break with the straight lines of minimalism: organically shaped furniture with colourful patterns and soft materials. These give the room a cosy flair and they look very cute. With its round legs turned outwards, the Naïve side table by EMKO looks like a little calf or lamb standing a little unsteadily in the field. Modular furniture such as the Cubit shelf system and the matching Cubit modular sofa concept by Mymito not only cater to the wish for individuality – they can be combined in new ways like building bricks or colourful Lego blocks.

Transparent and inflatable furniture promise even more fun. These pieces are reminiscent of air mattresses or bouncy castles, and they appear in different colours depending on the light. Comfortable retro furniture is also popular when it comes to playful furnishings. As with wall decoration, the 1970s often serve as a source of inspiration. With its curved form and the teddy-fur cover, the Everyday Set by Trimm Copenhagen is a great example.

Playful "Lotte" felt ball rug from myfelt

With its bold, warm colours, the Lotte multicoloured felt ball rug by myfelt is a real eye-catcher (photo: myfelt).

Colourful accessories: the more, the better

When it comes to accessories, there are no limits to where your imagination can take you: colourful glass for lamps and candleholders, handmade rugs , sofa cushions with geometric shapes – everything can be combined together and liberally used. Because with playful furnishings, more really is more. The colourful Lotte felt ball rug by myfelt , for example, serves as a cheerful eye-catcher and the Hayon x Nani hand-tufted woollen rug by Nani Marquina is like an abstract painting for floors or walls. And those looking for something unique can even opt for personalised rugs in a punch-needle design .

We all know you shouldn’t play with your food, but playful tableware is allowed. Colourful, mouth-blown glasses such as Casca Dandelion by ferm LIVING and handmade ceramic tableware conjure up a naturally cheerful atmosphere around the table. Plant decorations can be placed in globe-shaped vases by AYTM , while pendant and wall lamps made of colourful glass such as Rowan by EBB & FLOW provide the appropriate lighting ambience.

Dreamy Hayon x Nani rug by Nani Marquina.

Colourful, fun and other-worldly, the Hayon x Nani rug by Nani Marquina is a natural focus of attention (photo: Nani Marquina).

Childlike playfulness as a megatrend

Geometrically patterned wallpaper, multicoloured furniture in organic shapes and colourful accessories turn your home into a place where your inner child can emerge. Playful furnishing allows you to forget everyday life, sends the mind off on a journey and gets you in a good mood. We will certainly see a lot more of this vibrant and cheerful interior design trend. Make sure to receive regular updates about other furnishing trends for 2022 in our magazine by imm cologne newsletter !