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Colourful features offer a new perspective

Glass bricks are back in fashion

The latest trend in the interior design world can be summed up in two words: colourful and transparent. Side tables made of Plexiglas and inflatable armchairs are now being joined by coloured glass. From sparkling glass accessories to entire walls made of glass bricks, the material opens up any number of design possibilities – and the variety of shapes is also virtually limitless. Join us as we take a look at the new trend!

Colourful, transparent glass vases like ARURA

Colourful, transparent glass vases like ARURA from AYTM bathe living rooms in coloured light. (Photo: AYTM)

Glass accessories in cheerful colours

With uplifting pastel shades and organic forms, our furnishings are becoming increasingly playful . Due to its variety of shapes and colours, glass is the ideal material with which to capture the spirit of this interiors trend. Take lamps as an example. The Futura pendant lamps from EBB & Flow , for instance, demonstrate just how artful and stylish the design of such objects can be. Spots of colour, individual patterns and gradients, as seen in the FLAKES table lamps from favius or the spherical table lamp from Helle Mardahl, conjure up a unique ambience.

Coloured glass vases are another example of the material’s malleability. They can be smooth and transparent or have an uneven surface texture, like the ARURA collection from AYTM by Gran Living , which is made from handblown glass. Even trays can be beautiful glass accessories – as demonstrated by Navel, designed by Claudia Otte for the Pure Talents Contest 2022 .

Hand-blown Flakes table lamp from favius

With its flecks of black, the hand-blown Flakes table lamp from favius creates unique patterns of light and shadow. (Photo: favius)

Stylish furniture made of coloured glass

Using glass for decorative items is just the beginning. Designers also like to incorporate it in furniture, as aside from durability, it opens up many creative possibilities and is easily combined with other materials. Tempered glass and solid wood, for example, come together to create a minimalist, natural and airy effect, as highlighted by the Angel dining table from VRL Mobilya . Delicate Murano glass, as used in the Coffee table collection from Baranska Design , has a unique, playful character. In contrast, the hand-cut glass legs of the ATLAS coffee table from Fiam Italia look like arctic glaciers.

The robust nature of glass even makes it suitable for use in the kitchen. Glass worktops – such as this bright-red option from Eberhard Bäder und Naturstein und Glas – are a popular choice in kitchen design. And that’s not all: glass bricks are also available that can be used to shape the design of entire rooms.

Glass bricks: transparent pops of colour

Coloured glass bricks were very popular in the sixties and seventies. Incorporated into the walls, they helped to brighten up entrance areas and bathrooms. In keeping with the comeback of 1970s design , these blocks of glass have now also become trendy again. They can be used to create unique eye-catching features and flood dark spaces with light, without having to fit conventional windows. Fully transparent blocks are ideal for living rooms or kitchens, whereas glass with a satin finish provides the necessary privacy for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Glass bricks are available in a wide variety of colours and can be combined to suit personal taste – in keeping with the latest colour blocking trend . Studio Galéon’s exuberant concept for designer Susan Alexandra’s flagship store is a fine example of this technique.

Glass blocks from Carter Baran

Glass blocks make rooms appear larger and can add fantastic pops of colour. (Photo: Carter Baran on Unsplash)

Glass-brick walls as room dividers

An entire wall constructed from glass blocks can serve as a stylish room divider, letting in far more light than other solutions. This option is also ideal in living-bathrooms in order to separate the WC from the bathtub and washbasin, for example. Walls made of glass blocks are also suitable for meeting rooms in open-plan offices, as implemented by Studio Rhonda for Zetteler, for example .

Another manufacturer demonstrating the exciting effects that can be achieved using coloured glass is Seves Glassblock. The yellow, green and orange glass bricks used in this partition wall created by the company conjure up a sea of colour on the floor. Specially shaped glass blocks create vibrant patterns and also radiate the warmth of the sunlight shining through them. But beware: although glass is robust, never plan to use it in a load-bearing wall.

Colourful trends and more

From colourful vases to furniture and even walls made of colourful blocks, glass can be used in a variety of ways and tinted in all the colours of the rainbow. Depending on the design, the material can produce a simple and playful, quirky and unusual or luxurious and elegant look. With the interplay of light, it creates a unique ambience in any space.

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