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Melting furniture and unusual shapes are taking interior design by storm

The splat aesthetic

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There’s one stylish interior trend you can’t ignore on social media now: the splat aesthetic. These playful furnishings and furniture are packed with energy and have a psychedelic design that lures the eye. Find out all about the viral trend here.

 Brown lamp in an unusual shape – Xie Yujie Nick on Unsplash

Fluid contours and unusual shapes in furniture create a stunning look and turn the old and familiar into something completely new. (Photo: Xie Yujie Nick on Unsplash)

Unusual shapes: Meet splat design

Playful interior design is now evolving into something extremely eye-catching. A new aesthetic is emerging from the gentle predecessor trend for waves and twirls and taking it a step further. Splat designs clearly display their psychedelic side with bold, pastel colours and overflowing contours.

Designers are presenting mirrors, candles and rugs that look as if they are dripping, spilling or melting on their channels . But these objects aren’t wiggly or cute any more. Far from it: Some of the crazy pieces of furniture and decoration look almost cheeky, as if they’ve been put in the wrong place by mistake – like a runny splash or a gooey lava flow.

The Y2K aesthetic, psychedelic decor and NFTs

The comeback of the lava lamp and the neon colours that are now fashionable again – and seem to have special appeal for Gen Z – clearly show that the Y2K look is enjoying a revival. “The more the better” is the maxim for this style; hence minimalism has no place in dripping design and psychedelic decor. Instead, exaggerated and chaotic shapes, crazy furniture and slimy textures are what is wanted.

Further inspiration is provided by unique digital NFTs . Otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, these works have already caused a furore in the art world. And this is only natural: Digital art opens up new dimensions for design. Digital artworks are characterised by experimental and fantastical motifs that often assume shapes impossible in reality. These images pique our curiosity and have inspired a movement that aims to translate them into physical textures and shapes, thereby blurring the boundaries between the digital and the real world in contemporary interior design.

Lava lamp in the Y2K aesthetic – Martin Engel on Unsplash

Melting furniture flows into the room

The splat aesthetic with melting furniture and dripping designs is easy to recreate because, in principle, any colours and shapes can be combined. The key thing is to choose objects in bold and contrasting colours and shapes with fluid contours. This can be achieved with wavy mirrors or rugs and psychedelic cushions by designer Ellie Pearce or the extravagant punch-needled carpets by Mush Studios. Alongside splat-look decorative objects, you can position furniture that flows into crazy shapes, such as the Melt Accent Chair by Bower Studio , which drips down towards the floor. The Melting Chair by Philipp Aduatz is also making a big comeback thanks to the splat trend.

But this is just the start: There is even more creative potential for melting furniture. The ideas and opportunities for realising it are far from being exhausted. While market indicators point to an openness to innovative and eccentric design, the apparently random character of melting furniture and dripping design is an invitation to take the shapes and textures of interior design objects and run wild with them.

Blue occasional table in a creative shape – Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Unusual shapes, overflowing contours and bright colours create unique accent features in the home. (Photo: Toa Heftiba on Unsplash)

Will splat design become digital design?

Art and design always inspire each other. Take a look at NFT artworks, for instance, and it becomes clear that digitalisation is a major influence on both fields. As digital design or digital art changes, interior design trends also evolve, and vice versa.

Material-based processes are assuming increasing significance with the growth of digitalisation. Futuristic designs and new production processes are emerging, such as 3D-printed furniture . Even if organic elements continue to play an important role in interior design, we may see it move in the direction of more mechanical shapes.

The Y2K aesthetic adds spontaneity

The viral splat trend is a clear sign that people are open to more spontaneity and experimental design. That’s a good reason to keep on exploring unusual shapes, striking colour combinations and eccentric decoration.

The splat aesthetic offers infinite possibilities for interior design. Creativity knows no bounds here. Organically shaped candles, a melting chair or a splat rug – they can all be combined with each other.

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