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Illustrative and dynamic

Playful interior design with waves and twirls

Twirling and curved patterns are back on trend. The latest interior trends reveal growing numbers of organic shapes and line-art drawings in modern hotels, hip cafes and homes. Winding lines decorate walls, floors or carpets. Decorative objects with wavy contours add a touch of dynamism. Find out more about these playful trends and how they are best applied.

The bongo bay sofa by brühl & sippold

The bongo bay sofa by brühl & sippold, an imm cologne 2022 exhibitor, has an undulating shape that gives it a modern, playful silhouette. (Photo: brühl & sippold)

A laid-back atmosphere with twirling lines

The playful interior design currently in vogue is a look we know from the ’80s, when the Italian group Memphis Milano established itself. At the time, the interior design created by founder Ettore Sottsass and his colleagues was considered extremely unconventional, even radical. Now curvy lines are back, and we are coming across similar interior design trends on walls, carpets and decoration. They present twirling lines scattered across carpets or walls. Increasingly, designers are creating contemporary interior design objects with organic or undulating shapes: rounded furniture, a wave mirror or wallpaper with a twirling pattern.

But where does this trend for doodles and squiggles come from? After many months of the pandemic, we enjoy spending time in playfully designed rooms with a laid-back atmosphere. The organic forms that were already proving popular last year are now evolving from plump, geometric arrangements into modern, flowing compositions.

Unusual shapes: What is line art?

Whenever we think of doodling with a pencil, a jumble of lines immediately comes to mind, perhaps with a sketch, a figure or some unusual shapes. In principle, this is what line art is, too. It is defined by various lines that form a pattern as a whole. Often the designs created reveal minimalist faces. They can do more than just decorate walls – you will also come across them on floors, as in Jaime Hayon’s Silhouette rug collection. In total, nine faces are hidden in the illustrations.

An entire wall covered with line drawings can also be an amazing eye-catching feature. Despite the irregularities and disorder, the lines created by designers nevertheless appear to form an order as an overall image. Vincenzo D’Alba’s wallpaper even looks almost like a maze.

Silhouette rug by Jaime Hayon for Nani Marquina S.L.

: In total, nine faces are hidden in the playful Silhouette rug by Jaime Hayon for Nani Marquina S.L. (Photo: Nani Marquina S.L.)

Organic forms for maximum comfort

Organic forms are in harmony with idiosyncratic lines. Here contemporary design objects triumph with their tremendous feeling of comfort. Armchairs and sofas in flowing or sinuous shapes are visual invitations to sit back and unwind. They appear very playful yet modern, as the Jalis21 sofa series by COR and the Flower Chair by Woo Studios demonstrate. Who isn’t immediately tempted to sit down on these soft seats with their generous cushions?

But comfort is not the only aspect that designers value highly. They are also adding accents with clear, almost sculptural contours, as in the D S-707 armchair by Philippe Malouin , or a strong colour palette, as can be seen in the bongo bay lounge by brühl & sippold. This creates an impression of wonderfully timeless design that can be easily combined in any room.

The cosy Jalis21 sofa by COR

The cosy Jalis21 sofa by COR, an imm cologne 2022 exhibitor, is formed of several round elements that invite the beholder to sit back and unwind. (Photo: COR)

Wave mirrors as dynamic eye-catching features

Gustaf Westman is currently considered one of the best-known designers of wavy interior design objects. He comes from Sweden and made an international name for himself with his Curvy Mirror . But most of his other interior design and decorative pieces also appear unconventional and fluid in the true sense of the term.

This trend can work on walls, floors or carpets. A door frame can be given a little je ne sais quoi with a wave-shaped, coloured line of paint around the outer edges, creating a stunning visual effect. Those who prefer a subtler look can take their inspiration from the on-trend Vuelta Lamp by Ferm Living or Wiggle Room .

Playful interior design between minimalism and maximalism

One thing is for sure: The latest interior design trends are certainly not boring. The twirl look, organic shapes and wave mirrors move back and forth between minimalism and maximalism . Where a giant line drawing decorates a whole wall, a comfy sofa with round shapes can make an excellent counterpart. Add a carpet with a twirling pattern – and you have contemporary interior design.

The element of playfulness injects vitality and an upbeat mood into the home. This trend has a special appeal for young audiences. You can find more inspiration on the latest trends, such as the ’90s comeback , here.

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