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Candy nudes – the pastel trend for 2023’s interiors

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When the sun starts shining in through our windows, many of us start to feel the need for fresh, light surroundings – and not just outdoors! Interior design professionals and home décor enthusiasts have answered the call by showcasing the soft pastel shades of “candy nudes” this season. Find out what lies behind this trend, and discover the simple tricks for achieving stunning effects in individual projects. Here’s one tip to get you started: you don’t need to put in much effort or buy lots of new things to bring the candy nudes interior design trend into your own home.

Candy nudes – the sugar-sweet interior design trend looks like the love child of a candy cane and a meadow in full bloom!

Candy nudes: a pastel dream

A kitchen painted pastel pink with splashes of black and red.

The 2023 interior design trend, candy nudes, sees the world through glasses tinted in a pastel shade of rose. (Photo: nic chi, unsplash)

Getting the best from 2023’s interior design trend

It’s all about the right combinations – if you want to freshen up your home with candy nudes, you don’t have to immerse all your furniture in candyfloss pink and paint the walls in pastel colours. It’s much more a case of skilfully arranging and combining typical candy nudes shades such as rosé, mint, lilac and peach. They look particularly harmonious and radiant when mixed with subtle nude hues like beige or cream. Elements or furnishings in neutral colours, such as a white shelf or a light grey couch, also ensure that the room looks fresh without the look veering in an overly babyish direction. Because one thing is clear: when combined wisely, candy nudes have potential far beyond children’s bedrooms, which the colours are traditionally associated with.

A kitchen with a pale pink wall and interior design elements in various mint and pastel shades.

Harmoniously coordinated furnishings in candy nudes evoke comforting nostalgic feelings. (Євгенія Височина, unsplash)

Achieve a temporary effect in just a few steps

If you don’t want to decorate an entire room in the delicate candy nudes colour palette, you can create eye-catching features with seasonal accessories or textiles that can be readily swapped in and out. A vase in rosé over here, a peach-coloured rug over there, a cream picture frame or tablecloth – the possibilities are endless. The advantage of this approach is that you’re free to decide whether candy nudes should dominate your décor, as is the case with the cluttercore trend , or simply complement it and only be used selectively. If you’re sure that your love of the interior design trend is going to last, why not dig a little deeper into your pocket for a special piece of furniture that will draw the eye, like an armchair in delicate vanilla yellow or a sunny shade of peach.

In addition to the colours themselves, texture plays a key role in the candy nudes trend by giving objects extra depth, sometimes helping them to shed their childish appearance or providing a welcome contrast. Combining pastel shades with rattan, marble or linen, for example, produces a completely different, much more grown-up effect than on textureless furnishings. It’s worth taking a closer look!

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A modern interior in subtle shades of cream with just a few accessories in pastel hues.

You don’t need to get out your paintbrush to do justice to the candy nudes trend; matching decorative elements instantly give a room a sugary glow. (Photo: Mikhail Nilov, Pexels & Max Rahubovskiy)