12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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New living trends

It should be comfortable

We’re worth it. Comfort is now paramount in every flat (no matter how small) – especially in the bedroom. But people are investing in their bathroom and in seating. Comfort also includes some standard elements from domestic engineering – the keyword is heated car seats and heated or cooled rooms.

The trend is towards compact, design-oriented seating, such as two-seaters or armchairs in the upper quality segment. Here, great store is set by ergonomics. Console tables, wall racks or small shelves don’t just ensure order in everyday life but are an integral part of interior design. And a comfortable hammock isn’t just to be found in the garden.

After the stools, the benches are now also given a backrest. With soft upholstery, they add a homely touch to the kitchen and dining area. In the case of sofas, the trend is towards platforms that are off the floor and raise cushions to a higher level, and to individualisation and adjustability. Integrated side tables are also a theme.

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