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Furniture with storage space

Keeping order has become a new trend

Keeping order has become a new trend. At least since well-known organising consultants like Marie Kondo rose to prominence, we know that a tidy flat also means a tidy mind.

Clearing things out makes life easier. Sometimes, what’s missing is the right storage space so that you can put things away in your own four walls. We will present you with different furniture that makes this possible in an efficient and stylish way.

Voglauer wall unit

Voglauer wall unit

Open vs closed storage furniture

Customisable: studimo from Interlübke

With elements such as a rear panel and shelves, doors and hatches, drawers and handles, you can customise studimo from Interlübke as you please. Photo: interlübke

Not everything we own has to be cleared away. We like to put memorabilia or objects of art on display. Furniture that combines open and closed surfaces is particularly suitable for this purpose. These combinations also contribute to creating a relaxed atmosphere indoors. This is because only closed fronts can have an oppressive effect, whereas a purely open system quickly gives off a feeling of visual unease.

Table, make my stuff disappear

lift soft-touch coffee table from TEAM 7

A soft-touch hinge conveniently opens the practical handle-free drawer of the lift coffee table from TEAM 7. The interior offers clearly laid-out storage space. Photo: TEAM 7

Life truly begins after you have put your house in order.

Marie Kondo

Japan’s Marie Kondo is an organising consultant and has developed various methods for effectively tidying up and clearing things out. The bestselling author now even has her own series on Netflix

Getting more out of your sofa

Living Landscape 755 sofa landscape by Walter Knoll

Living Landscape 755 sofa landscape by Walter Knoll

Living Landscape 755 sofa landscape by Walter Knoll

Who hasn’t experienced this: you’ve made yourself comfortable on the sofa and want to read a good book or watch a film. But neither the remote control nor the book are within reach. You laboriously slide over to the coffee table, which is just too far away for these moments of relaxation.

The remedy here are sofa systems that combine comfort with a possibility for storage or somewhere to set things down on. Whether directly next to the sofa or integrated into the seats – it’s up to your own preference. As an extra add-on, some sofas even offer a storage option with a tray, so that snacks from the kitchen can make their way to the living room in style.

Letting your study disappear

Classic by Grcic: Orcus secretary desk from ClassiCon

A classic by Konstantin Grcic: The reserved, almost aloof lines of the Orcus secretary desk from ClassiCon exude an almost contemplative sense of tranquillity. Photo: ClassiCon

Working from home has blurred the lines between work and relaxation. At home, it should still feel private and nothing should remind you of your job after work. This can be difficult to accomplish because work areas are connected to clutter and you often can’t be bothered to tidy up after work. The solution is modern secretaires that can simply be closed. This way, work disappears with a flick of the wrist and your free time can begin.

Completing the wardrobe: Gliss Master Island

Gliss Master Island from Molteni&C is a central, free-standing island unit that completes the wardrobe. Photo: Molteni&C

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