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myKidsy Playground

Innovative education concept - premiere at imm cologne

The London architect and interior designer Yasmine Mahmoudieh will present an innovative interiors concept for hotels and other projects for the first time at imm cologne 2020: myKidsy Playground designs creative play worlds for the education of children and youth. The overall concept consists of interior elements and learning offerings, and can be flexibly integrated into existing spaces.

Innovative education concept myKidsy Playground: premiere at imm cologne

Photo: Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Networked with the booking portal myKidsy, extracurricular learning content and life skills are conveyed in myKidsy Playground. International hotel chains are already showing interest in cooperation. The presentation at the coming imm cologne shows modular furniture concepts for toddlers, children and young people. The special area at the trade fair will be staged as a sensual total experience with the incorporation of aromas and sound.

Opportunities for sensible activities

How do we help young people occupy themselves sensibly and avoid excessive usage of smartphones? While searching for leisure activities for her children, Yasmine Mahmoudieh founded the online platform myKidsy in London five years ago. In addition to her activity as a designer and architect, she wanted to support parents researching for leisure activities with the tech startup. In order to make this easier, the myKidsy booking portal bundles a variety of learning offerings for children and young people. The long term goal is to create a global platform for parents and children.

Modularly adaptable interiors concept

Innovative education concept myKidsy Playground: premiere at imm cologne

Photo: Yasmine Mahmoudieh

Following the success of the online platform, the idea has now been expanded to the interiors segment. The myKidsy Playground concept offers a problem solution for the large target group of parents who are looking for child care on the go. As a "design and build" solution, the concept wants to provide hotels, coworking spaces, shopping centres and other projects with a modular complete package. When their operators are looking to design their own areas for children and young people, they receive a catalogue with a selection of modular elements. Depending upon the age group, a variety of tables, chairs, seating and wall elements are available as furnishings. These can be flexibly adapted to the available space and the respective requirements.

Learning activities and the mediation of competencies

MyKidsy Playground also includes a toolbox that provides learning content for children and youth. It provides offerings for entertaining activities that at the same time convey competencies for their future lives. The idea is that young people should playfully acquire education content that is not covered by the regular school system. Themes like sustainability consciousness or mindfulness thereby play just as much a role as financial competence and entrepreneurial thinking. A central element of the concept is peer-to-peer learning, meaning that the learning content is conveyed to the children and youth by younger students "at eye level".

Sensually experienceable presentation

Innovative education concept myKidsy Playground: premiere at imm cologne

Photo: Yasmine Mahmoudieh

At imm cologne 2020 myKidsy Playground will be presented to an international audience for the first time. Modular furniture concepts for toddlers, children and young people will be shown in a special area. Individual excerpts will be staged for possible applications and innovative materials – because the concept focuses to a great extent on sustainability. All items of furniture are manufactured from recycled or natural materials. The concept also works together with a scent designer and a renowned sound artist to create a sensual total experience.

Simple possibility for individual added value

Another application that will be presented at imm cologne is the design for a modular children's area for hotel rooms. With this, standard rooms can be designed as family rooms. This means not only savings for parents, but also offers hotels a simple possibility to expand their offering and acquire more family bookings. The child-compatible interior design thereby offers special added value. In addition to learning content, myKidsy Playground also wants to convey the sense that design is not only an attractive accessory, but rather a part of life. Important here is the influence of design on our attention, our capacity to learn and generally our sense of well-being.

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