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Everything’s new: concept, theme, location.

The design event Das Haus is becoming Das Apartment HAUS in 2022

The successful design event series Das Haus is celebrating its anniversary in 2022. At the same time, the tenth issue marks a change of focus: in 2022, Das Haus is going to become an apartment house with future-oriented examples of new forms of urban living. Several former Haus designers will be invited to the special event to participate in the further development of the format, both at a conceptual and creative level.

Das Apartment HAUS at imm cologne 2021

New look, new place

Several creative minds add complexity to the new concept of the living vision. So designer and Creative Director at imm cologne Dick Spierenburg ensured a consistent visual appearance and accompanying design.

To mark the transition to new subjects, Das Haus is moving to a new location with a diverse and high-quality environment: to Pure Atmospheres in Hall 11.2. In keeping with the overall concept, Das Apartment HAUS also has more leeway with the content, so that the discussion on a current interior design theme can be carried out across several rooms at once.

‘New models for people who are flexible in terms of time and space, and open to living concepts such as blocks of flats and co-living projects.’

Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director imm cologne

2022: urban living concept from Das Apartment HAUS

Today, living is seen as a holistic area of life that incorporates the need for a place to take a step back as well as social, indoor and outdoor activities, and work in one’s own home. However, new challenges in the future for the furniture industry aren’t only arising due to the integration of an office at home into the traditional living environment, but also due to the development of models for ‘new living’, in which solutions for condensing living space are being looked into.

In 2021, the experimental platform for interior design will therefore devote itself to a future topic that is increasingly shaping urban development: long- or short-stay flats – innovative offers to temporarily or permanently live in dense urban areas.

Long- or short-stay flats are rented out fully furnished. In addition, the new blocks of flats also offer forms of co-living, which expand private space by providing communal areas for hospitality, sports and work.

Innovative event format

imm cologne responds to the changes in the hospitality market and creates space for its exhibitors’ new concepts for hotels and lounges, bars, clubs and restaurants. The most exciting development can currently be seen in residential interior design.

Das Apartment HAUS will present a series of inspiring examples of designers’ work and branded apartments to show how private and public spaces of such ‘new living’ concepts could look like.

‘At imm cologne 2022, we’re going to create an experimental platform from the special edition of the design event Das Haus, even for innovative concepts like these, in order to pick up on the important new ideas stimulating the industry.’

Dick Spierenburg, Creative Director imm cologne

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