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Furniture for the children’s room

These children’s furniture designers are setting new trends

A bed, a cupboard and a table, that’s all a children’s room needs? Far from it. The requirements for furnishing the children’s room have never been higher. The little ones are currently spending a lot more time at home than usual. Children’s needs and those of their parents have changed as a result. Sustainable and “healthy” furniture that grows with the child is in high demand. Added to this is the desire for a refuge and comfort. Find out more about the latest trends and the solutions that children’s furniture designers are offering for them.

Caravan Collection nursery furniture by Kalon Studios

The Caravan Collection by Kalon Studios shows how safe, sustainable and fashionable interior design for the children’s room works. (Photo: Kalon Studios)

Baby Cot IO Crib from Kalon Studios

The IO Crib by Kalon Studios grows with the new arrival: The cot can be easily and quickly transformed into a walled toddler’s bed and later into a child’s bed. (Photo: Kalon Studios)

Sustainable and functional: furniture that grows with the child

Whether it is a question of their size or their tastes, children change fast. Convertible children’s furniture keeps pace with their development. The IO Crib by Kalon Studios can transition into a walled toddler bed by pushing the bed surface down. And when junior starts to crawl and grow up, the walls can be partially or completely dismantled. The simple, minimalist design of the convertible bed is every bit as impressive: The IO Crib’s natural wood and clean lines and shapes mean it is neither age- nor gender-specific.

Bigger children will love this design classic: The flexible Stacking Bed by Müller Small Living was designed back in the 1960s. The single bed can be turned into a double bed in the blink of an eye, and an overnight guest can enjoy the same comfort while they sleep as their host.

In addition to multifunctionality and design, durability also plays an important role. The quality of the materials used is a decisive factor in a long lifespan. Wooden Story, for instance, uses only FSC-certified solid wood treated with wax and natural oils in its children’s furniture, such as this desk with a lift-up top .

Classic stacking bed from Müller small living

The Stacking Bed Classic by Müller Small Living can be converted from a single bed into a double in next to no time. (Photo: Müller Möbelwerkstätten)

Healthy furniture for kids and the environment

Love of nature is not the only reason for choosing high-quality materials. Plastics, varnishes and adhesives can contain dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde . Furniture that is free of harmful substances is a must for the children’s room. NORDI furniture , for example, uses only E1 standard MDF boards and water-based paints and vegetable oils for its KiDSON Cot . The children’s furniture manufacturer Hoppekids also meets health requirements with its hypoallergenic and breathable mattress. The ECO Dream Mattress is produced from natural bamboo fibres and thermo wool, while the core consists of organically based polyurethane foam, making it perfectly on-trend in terms of sleeping comfort and safety.

To make sure that the little ones do not hurt themselves when they are cavorting and clambering about, children’s furniture should also not represent a source of danger. The modular Storey Shelf System by Hoppekids can not only be adapted to the child’s needs; it can also be securely attached to the wall. Rounded corners, narrow feet and handleless drawers, as in the Caravan Dresser by Kalon Studios , make children’s furniture safer. With designs like these, the kids can play boisterously without getting caught on knobs or knocking over the bookshelf that has been repurposed as a climbing frame.

Caravan Dresser by Kalon Studios

With its rounded corners, narrow feet and handleless drawers, the Caravan Dresser by Kalon Studios is a safe piece of furniture for the children’s room. (Photo: Kalon Studios)

Furnishing the children’s room for dreaming and romping about

Whether they are crafting, painting or playing, children are extremely creative and come up with the most unexpected ideas. Their curiosity and open-mindedness are also reflected in the design of the latest children’s furniture. In the Pirate Shark Study Desk by Cilek , for instance, the tabletop juts out of the mouth of the deadly predator, while the sharp teeth in its upper jaw are equipped with LEDs for the ideal lighting.

Animal-inspired furniture is generally well received – good examples include the Elephant Chair by EO Denmark ApS , which is made from European beech, or the company’s BAMBI, SHEEP & COW Children’s Chairs . The classic rocking horse, by contrast, has had its day: Maison Deux has heralded the dawning of a new aviation age with its rocking cloud . Up in the air is also the place to find coordinating accessories for the children’s room: Balloon Mirrors from EO Denmark ApS! These examples show that children’s furniture is increasingly evolving into play companions that make being at home a pleasure.

The high market requirements are clearly reflected in the latest children’s furniture. In terms of the major trends, durability, flexibility and safety are as important as refuge and fun. Convertible furniture that grows with the child, materials free of harmful substances and creative touches are the recipe for success for the design of tomorrow’s children’s furniture.

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Children's stool Bambi Sheep Cow von EO Denmark Aps

The Bambi, Sheep & Cow Children’s Chairs by EO Denmark ApS make brilliant seats. (Photo: EO Denmark Aps)