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Convertible children’s furniture

Children are discoverers, explorers and researchers. When they play, they set off on a voyage of discovery through their environment. The little ones will often transform the playroom – and everything inside it – into a world of their own. This is why the standards for furniture for children and adolescents are particularly high. Safety, durability and load-bearing capacity are some of the most important factors.

Flexible furniture in the children's room

Flexible furniture in the children's room. Foto: TEAM 7

But that’s not all: children grow up incredibly quickly. Only yesterday their parents had to support them while they were sitting; today they have to have their eyes everywhere and prise the little climbers off the bookshelves. To make sure that furniture doesn’t become too small as quickly as their clothing does, some items of furniture grow with the child. A classic baby’s cot can be transformed into a toddler’s bed in next to no time. A few bars can be removed to open up a door to the big wide world for the little one. They can then climb in and out of it on their own. Later the bed can be easily converted into a sofa.


Cribs can be durable and changeable. Foto: Team 7

Another option is to stack cots to create bunk beds when an only child becomes an older brother or sister. As time passes and bunk beds are no longer so cool, or when the kids get their own bedrooms, the beds can be converted into single beds again. And with the right design, the beds will even work in a student bedroom.

Desks and chairs are some of the most popular choices from the furniture ranges that grow with the child. They are height-adjustable so they can be adapted to different ergonomic needs. Brothers and sisters can share a workspace, for instance, or mum and dad might even work at their children’s desk. A partially inclined worktop is the ideal surface for painting, crafting, reading and writing. For added safety, parents should look for rounded corners and non-protruding recessed grips.

Solid wood desk for children

Solid wood desk for children. Foto: moll Funktionsmöbel GmbH

Solid-wood children’s furniture, such as the range from Team 7, offers further benefits. The wood is sourced from sustainable European forests. It is finished exclusively with natural oil and glued without using formaldehyde. This means that the wood continues to breathe and contributes to a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. What’s more, naturally treated surfaces can be easily touched up at any time without great expense. This means that the kids don’t have to watch out for every dent and scratch the next time the playroom becomes their adventure playground.

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