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Neo-ecology of the future

These were the highlights of interzum 2023

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After four years of distance, the interzum in Cologne was able to celebrate its big comeback – with more than 1,600 international exhibitors of the furniture supplier sector! Together they were easily able to compensate for the years of waiting: there were new innovations, inspirations and trends to discover at every trade fair stand. They all prove how much green potential can be found in the furniture industry – whether with smart conservation of resources, renewable energy or with the use of new materials. However, further exciting trends could also be discerned in addition to the main theme of neo-ecology. You can find out now what these are and the creative product solutions the exhibitors utilised to realise these.

Circular Trend Forum "Textiles & Machinery" with large, explanatory panels in the middle

Trend Forums, exciting lectures and products, inspiring conversations: that was interzum 2023!

How neo-ecology is changing the furniture industry

One aspect can be discerned at every trade fair stand at interzum 2023: the supplier sector is becoming greener with every passing year! Inspired by the neo-ecology megatrend , the trade fair became the hotspot for new product solutions that consume less energy, resources and CO2. In an gross exhibition area of around 163,000 m², trade fair visitors were offered a broad field of creative and environmentally friendly innovations. Some examples, perhaps? Among other things, Love Home Fabrics presented the world's first completely recycled towel, Legget & Platt the first completely recyclable mattress! The perfect addition is provided by the SmartSleeve Circular from the Bakeart Deslee company, a mattress protector manufactured from waste plastic from the sea, also 100 % recyclable and available in different variations for any needs – the mattress protector is also available, for example, with a warming and a cooling fabric on the front and back. Allergy sufferers can also look forward to a variant with an antiallergenic fabric.

However, not only pioneering new products provided a look into a more sustainable future in the furniture industry. Several companies also use their trade fair stand or trade fair presence for a conscious statement: subsequent to the trade fair, Vauth Sagel will plant a tree for every visitor and will reuse most of its trade fair stand – just like the Alvic company and many other exhibitors. The Schorn & Groh company was able to especially arouse enthusiasm with its wood textile NUO, which can be used in a variety of ways as a sustainable and vegan alternative for leather. Whether in the fashion, furniture or automotive industries, the possibilities appear to be limitless. Both in shoes and in the form of upholstery for armchairs, even as curtains – the pressed and lasered wood from Schorn & Groh really looks impressive! In addition to praise and admiration, this outstanding material was also distinguished with the interzum Award 2023 – congratulations!

Interior view of the Renault Mgane upholstered with the wood-based leather alternative NUO

Schorn & Groh won the interzum Award 2023 with its leather alternative NUO made of wood! (© Renault Communications / Rights reserved & © Schorn & Groh, Karlsruhe | All rights reserved)

Innovative solutions for little living space

The per capita living space is decreasing on the whole, while the wish for a home in which one can be creative is increasing. However, how can both of these needs be addressed simultaneously? The Hettich company knows how: their tilt and swivel fittings make it possible to turn furniture elements outwards with a smooth rotation movement. This technology can be used with no limits: from the living room shelf to the kitchen island, living spaces can be flexibly redesigned with an elegant turn. Consumers can thus also enjoy maximum freedom in limited living space.

Vauth Sagel presented a fitting with which a cabinet element drops down at the moment in which it is pulled – thus especially benefitting smaller people. Because the fitting not only drops downward but also forward, the cabinet space beneath can still be used.

"24 volt, 60 watt in the drawer" - the Blum company´s, AMPEROS, its problem solution, gives furniture a function by equipping it with, for example, light and versatile loading possibilities. Interior and electronics thus become a harmonious ecosystem that saves a lot of space!

White, opened high gloss suspended cabinet

The spring technology "Free Slim" of the Häfele company merges exclusive cabinet design with maximum comfort

These are the trends in the supplier sector

What the pandemic taught us with respect to our own four walls: they should be cheerful and lively! For this reason, consumers increasingly want to integrate powerful colour shades into their living spaces – creativity is called for. In concrete terms this means: the modern interior distinguishes itself and sets clear accents. This trend unfolds in the whole interior, even in the bathroom: a bathroom sink in a rich olive green really catches the eye!

In addition to this, the wish for flexibility and independence is also asserting itself in one's own four walls: fixed room structures and functions are increasingly dissolving and flow elegantly into one another.

In addition to sustainability and flexibility, the use of individual items of furniture is also becoming increasingly important. One meaningful example is the biophilic design, with which green plants can be integrated into living spaces. That not only looks good, but also ensures good air quality in one's own four walls – thus promoting health.

Exhibit living room with olive-green and olive-orange walls, a bright laminate floor and a modern, minimalist interior

Intense colours, materials gentle to nature and Biophilic Design are among this year's trends at interzum 2023

interzum 2023 – this is the outlook of the furniture industry  

The supplier sector is sustainable, innovative and progressive – anyone who has spent even one day at interzum 2023 could convince themselves of that. What must also be undisputable in the meantime: environmentally conscious and space-saving solutions need not mean sacrifices in design. On the contrary, they inspire to creative and extraordinary new products! We can certainly look forward with anticipation to the exciting projects the future of the supplier sector has in store for us.

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