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Garden trends 2023

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Having one's own green space is becoming more important all the time for many. The corona pandemic, in which one's own garden often became a holiday destination and the only place for relaxation, has left traces. While borders have been reopened and travel is possible again, the love of one's own little piece of nature behind the house or on the balcony apparently still endures unabated. Whether the garden office, vertical gardens, self-sufficient gardens or even as an indoor jungle when there is no longer enough space outside: this year too, there are once again many new garden trends and ideas that make the domestic green space even more unique and intensify anticipation for the garden year 2023.

Self-sufficient garden with tomatoes and co.

Your own garden as a vegetable shop: the focus in 2023 is on the theme of self-sufficiency, among others. (Photo: Priscilla Du Preez, Unsplash)

Garden trends 2023

Natural materials

Sustainability and the careful use of resources also do not stop at garden trends. And when we are already outside or want a balcony close to nature, natural materials for garden deco are extremely popular. Sealed surfaces like concrete or cement paths or pavement fences are a thing of the past. Polished metal and plastic are also not part of the overall concept. Instead, fine pebbles for garden paths and wood for fences and screen fences play a big role in garden design.

Garden furnishing is also more convincing with wood or wicker visuals. Larger elements like garden sheds are increasingly being painted black or anthracite to emphasise the colourful flowers and plants that surround them.

Recycling instead of buying new

This year's garden trends focus on recycling and sustainability instead of on ambitious redesigning. Redesigning step by step is the magic word Single-use materials are banned from the garden in 2023. Only materials and garden utensils that can be reused are welcome. In the case of garden furniture, careful attention is paid to where the materials originate and their CO2 footprint. Traces of weathering and other signs of natural life are well-received in this year's garden deco and lend the garden an authentic note. For dealers and manufacturers, this means paying attention to the choice of materials. Those who don't think sustainably now will miss the boat in future.

From the garden office to the outdoor kitchen

The more individual the person, the more individual the garden usage. For some, the piece of nature in front of their own door is a green wellness oasis, for others additional living, work or leisure space. All of this at once for some others. From spacious wellness patios through well-equipped outdoor kitchens in the fresh air to the green home office: one's own garden is no longer reduced to classic lawns and flowers, but instead leaves everyone with enough space for self-realisation. There are also no limits for manufacturers in reinventing the garden.

Vertical gardens & green roofs

In the new year, the motto is: Garden? Yes, please! No space is safe from aesthetic greening. Whether vertical gardening on the face of the house or building, raised beds on the balcony or even roof surface areas: we can be in a green space anywhere as of now. While permanent greening of unused areas can be considered for own homes, a solution must be found for rental apartments that is easy to install and disassemble. Vertical gardens are also enjoying ever-increasing popularity indoors, for example, in the form of moss pictures. An outstanding possibility to awaken the feeling of blossoming nature in the smallest spaces.

The self-sufficient garden

People are increasingly focusing on autarkic ways of life and are gradually becoming a trend. Fruit and vegetables from one's own garden is usually not only fresher than from the supermarket, but is also cultivated according to one's own principles – for example, ecologically or even untreated. The vegetable garden is now also advancing into front gardens, onto balconies or patios in the style of urban gardening. However, clever solutions are needed where space is scarce. Precisely here is where creative manufacturers come in.

Now is the time to get things done: get out the shovel and burrow into the earth!

There are once again many exciting garden trends for the garden year 2023. A clear focus: the garden becomes an individual oasis. (Photo: Neslihan Gunaydin, Unsplash)

Into the garden year 2023

As a result of the new garden trends, there will also once again be a lot going on in home gardens in the new year of 2023. Whether an expanded living or work area, as a self-sufficient vegetable garden, on roofs or on vertical walls: the wish for ever more garden and green areas persists and is repeatedly enhanced with new and creative ideas for designing the existing space to be greener and more individual. Creativity is thus called for this year in order to address the green needs of hobby gardeners.

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