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Finally, a chance to switch off

Bring the world to a stop in your spathroom sanctuary

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Political tensions, rising prices, great uncertainty: these days, the news is anything but rosy, and the mood is suitably gloomy. The remedy? Take a step back, practise self-care and do a news detox. Allow yourself to switch off for a change and focus on your own needs. The best place to do this is in your spathroom at home, that quiet little space where you can enjoy a spa-like experience. Read on to find out what bathroom furnishings and accessories you need and where the trend comes from.

A bathroom designed for well-being and relaxation. (Photo: Unsplash)

A bathroom designed for well-being and relaxation. (Photo: Unsplash)

What is a spathroom?

Spathroom is an invented word composed of “spa” and “bathroom” – a well-being space in the comfort of your own home. Health treatments such as conventional massages aren’t included, but instead you might find a bathtub with a Jacuzzi function, a rain shower and relaxing scented oils. But where has this trend come from?

Working from home and exposure to the constant stream of information are stress factors that trigger a desire for clear boundaries. At the same time, it’s becoming increasingly important to use resources responsibly – and not only natural raw materials but also our own time and personal budgets. In a spathroom, it’s possible to combine me time, luxury and sustainability . You can even take a little time-out several times a day without leaving your own home. A spa break just for you without travel costs or unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Choose the right spathroom furnishings

In wellness bathrooms, less is more. But that doesn’t have to mean cool minimalism. Paring things back to the essentials is vital to switching off and relaxing. Cosmetics are hidden from view in woven baskets made of sea grass; rolled-up towels create an uncluttered look. A wall-mounted vanity unit with drawers provides adequate storage space and is hardly noticeable.

When used in combination with less intense shades such as Sustained Grey and Cool Matcha, strong on-trend colours like Digital Lavender and Intense Rust create a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere. A free-standing bathtub or a step-free shower with matt-finish fittings provides the centrepiece. Decorative elements are only used sparingly. Upcycled or recycled objects such as vintage ceramic flower pots add a touch of individuality and are also sustainable. Scented candles made of soy wax, a fluffy bath mat, et voilà: your spathroom is ready.

A well-being bathroom for all the senses

Oiled wood, textured stone tiles and towels made of hemp or bamboo fibres that are pleasantly soft to the touch. A Bluetooth speaker and the right playlist featuring music or the sounds of nature will further enhance the ambience in your spathroom. Having several light sources or dimmable lights also helps to create light of varying levels of brightness as needed. Rainbow LEDs – cheerful, colour-changing lights – produce delightful effects.

Oil burners cast a warm glow, are decorative and discreetly diffuse the aroma of essential oils. Pure, natural scented oils are extracted from flowers, seeds or leaves and used in health treatments including aromatherapy. Jasmine, ylang ylang and lavender have a calming effect, orange and other citrus scents lift the mood, and sandalwood and rose are said to dispel feelings of anxiety. Alternatively, fragrance blends for saunas can also be used.

The future of wellness bathrooms

The highest rate of inflation in over 70 years, a war of aggression in our own backyard – worrying events have been mounting up since the outbreak of the pandemic. And on top of this come the increasingly visible consequences of the climate crisis. Our own homes are becoming vital constants in a turbulent world, and focusing on ourselves is the best defence. It’s why that major home-living trend cocooning is becoming more and more entrenched and now also moving in to bathrooms in the form of the spathroom.

The continued advance of digitalisation could take this trend even further. From automated temperature control thanks to artificial intelligence to smart mirrors that can display your favourite apps, digital features offer maximum comfort and make it possible for us to spend more and more time in our spathrooms. Why leave your living-bathroom when it can be transformed into an entertainment room? The only important thing is not to check your e-mails during self-care rituals – leave the world outside for a few minutes.

Self-care as an interior design philosophy

Spathrooms will continue to play a major role in the future. Not only is the interior design industry able to satisfy this trend with the right range of products, but it can also make the shopping experience really enjoyable. The focus here is on relieving stress by means of minimalist design, natural elements and digital aids – a concept that can also be incredibly effective when applied to online shops or retail store furnishings . Find inspiration at the next imm cologne Spring Edition from 4 to 7 June 2023 – apply online now to exhibit at the event .