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Innovation meets sustainability

Welcome to this year’s Trend Forums at interzum 2023

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The event of the year is finally here! Koelnmesse is opening its gates for interzum 2023 – and there are many exciting topics in store. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, the event has a wealth of product innovations and inspiring projects for you to discover. This year’s Trend Forums are three particular highlights – and we’re excited to give you a sneak preview of them now.

A hand holds a glass sphere in which green plants are reflected.

interzum 2023 is focused on sustainability and innovation. (Photo: Mac Mullins, pixabay)

interzum Trend Forum: Function & Components   

With the title “Furniture in change – shifting boundaries”, this Trend Forum’s focus is on innovative products and concepts in the fittings and lighting industry. In keeping with the motto “How can we make interior design smarter and, above all, more environmentally friendly?”, a number of pioneers have already assembled. Among those represented at the special event are the manufacturer Häfele, with a recyclable drawer system, companies Halemeier and Hettich and actuators specialist Linak. They are all showcasing exciting and futuristic concepts, which, among other benefits, minimise transport volume, save weight and use energy efficiently in living spaces.

The Function & Components Trend Forum takes a fun approach to these topics and presents a fresh and innovative product aesthetic, making it the hotspot for product and hardware solutions designed with the future and circularity in mind. Come along and let new uses for solar power, a mysterious “future armchair”, new transport ideas and much more besides inspire you to exchange an idea or two!

Large, white kitchen with ceiling, wall and cabinet lighting, photographed in the daytime

How can we integrate solar power into our living spaces? Find out at interzum 2023. (Photo: Mark McCammon, pexels) 

interzum Trend Forum: Materials & Nature

Ready for a megatrend? Neo-ecology is a blend of environmentalism and economics, of sustainability and consumption. But wait – aren’t these mutually exclusive? No, not necessarily. The megatrend recognises that our society cannot function without consumption, but that this can still go hand in hand with a sensible, intelligent and environmentally friendly approach to resources. Neo-ecology has already inspired various companies and given rise to exciting new concepts, some of which you can experience in person at the Materials & Nature Trend Forum.

You can look forward to discovering potential practical applications for the furniture and interior design industry as well as fascinating discussions with pioneers such as trend-forecasting agency Haute Innovation from Berlin.

This Trend Forum’s guiding theme, “Sustainability matters”, gives a platform to companies whose ideas are making a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions – in transportation as well as in manufacturing. One of the driving forces behind these developments are circular business models in which secondary materials are gaining in importance. Textiles made from tree bark or biodegradable foams made from cork powder, coconut fibres and biogenic binding agents are just a couple of examples demonstrating how the way we live and work – and the way we do business and behave as consumers – are set to change fundamentally. Exciting, isn’t it? If you’d like to learn more about production methods that are already being used successfully, we recommend stopping by the Materials & Nature Trend Forum!

Graphic illustrating renewable energies

With its guiding theme, the Trend Forum at interzum 2023 aims to reconcile sustainability and consumption. (Photo: geralt, pixabay) 

interzum Trend Forum: Textile & Machinery

Textile & Machinery Trend Forum, which, with its guiding theme of “Mattress recycling – from linear to circular”, will this year take a closer look at as yet untapped recycling opportunities, using the life cycle of a mattress as an example. The platform, which is laid out as a circle, takes you step by step through the individual production stages and illustrates how the circularity principle aims to retain the quality of the raw materials used so that they can be returned to the cycle without any loss of value after use. In addition, innovative companies and international industry associations will present ideas, products and initiatives relating to the development of circular mattresses.

You will discover the issues and ideas that are driving the industry and have the chance to see a selection of industry insights and best practices. After an exciting day at the trade fair, packed with fascinating knowledge about mattress recycling, you’ll definitely appreciate your mattress even more than you already do!

Close-up shot of a white mattress

interzum 2023 takes a light-hearted look at the untapped potential still to be found in your mattress. (Photo: Kathyryn Tripp, unplash)