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Minimal effort and expense with a big impact

The best ideas for rental flat renovation

In order to adapt their flat to their own needs, more and more tenants are undertaking the renovation of the rental flat into their own hands. From the installation of new walls through the renewal of the floor to creative wall design, they want to create an individual home. More significant measures have to be agreed to by the landlord, but even small changes and investments can have a big effect.

Renters Rennovation from Pixabay on Pexels

Whether it is a new coat of paint or a new floor covering, hardly anything has a bigger impact on the atmosphere in a room than new surfaces. (Photo: Pixabay on Pexels)

New surfaces for a new look

There is very little that has a bigger influence on the room feeling than new surfaces. This applies to wall elements just as much as it does to flooring. Even the ground plan can be optimised and the rental flat beautified with room partitions.

Room partitions instead of new wall elements

The installation of new wall elements is not only a challenge during installation. The landlord will generally insist on restoration of the previous condition when the tenant moves out. Light room partitions, on the other hand, can adapt an open ground plan to individual needs. From home office to playroom or bedroom, rooms can in this way be divided into functional areas. The selection of decorative screens is now quite extensive. Besides classic shelves, fabric-upholstered partition walls from HEY-SIGN are also ideal for this. The objects of wool felt swallow noise and can be expanded in modules.

Wall design with wallpaper and textiles

Those who lend a new accent to a wall with wallpaper, panelling or wall tiles will feel like they are in a new room. This especially applies for motif and photo wallpapers with 3D effect. Correctly placed, patterns and textures enable an exciting room feeling. High quality design wallpapers like the Aloha collection from Affreschi & Affreschi are not only impressive, but can also often be removed again without residue and even be reused. Those who like it even more special turn to the Alpine meadow on flax fleece from Organoid model or install plant panelling like the Greenwood Moss Jungle from Freund . Even more flexible are colourful wall tapestries or decorative canvasses, which are available in all forms and colours.

Laying new flooring

Everything that is laid on top of the original flooring and can be removed again without causing damage is easily possible when renovating the rental flat. There is a trend toward carpets again: whether laid on the entire floor or as a single object, they define the atmosphere in a room. Flooring of natural stone, solid wood or decors can also be laid "floating" and taken away again when the tenant moves out. Click panels are especially suited. The offering extends from classic natural wood look to innovative patterns and textures like those of the Color Edit collection from Amtico . The new floor is thus given an unmistakeable look. The various elements, forms and colours can be selected individually and compiled – from elegant-symmetrical to decorative-eclectic, almost anything is conceivable.

The impressive wallpaper of the "Aloha" collection from Affreschi & Affreschi

The impressive wallpaper of the "Aloha" collection from Affreschi & Affreschi is applied quickly and lends an exciting feeling of space. (Photo: Affreschi & Affreschi)

Small interior hacks for well-being

It's not necessary to renovate the entire rental flat in the search for quick changes to the interior design. Small projects can be realised affordably and can nonetheless provide the spark for a completely new living feeling. Especially home textiles make a big difference, for example, colourful cushions on the couch or cuddly double sheets like this Jersey-Set from Moyha . New curtains also perform miracles and can be changed seasonally.

Bathroom and kitchen are given a fresh look with new, high quality fittings. The models from Dornbracht thereby trust in premium quality with elegant details that upgrade any room. Modern tile stickers or replaceable furniture fronts are suitable for a contemporary update with low effort and expense. Worktops can also be exchanged and the room seem more modern with pronounced concrete , natural stone or solid wood .

New lighting also changes the atmosphere of a flat from the ground up. A generous chandelier as a visual highlight, small spots directed at art prints and shelves or the modern SKIVA BALL hanging lamps from CustomForm can draw fresh attention to well-known rooms.

Hanging lamps "SKIVA BALL" from CustomForm

Hanging lamps that can be attached quickly, like the "SKIVA BALL" from CustomForm, quickly help a rental flat to shine in a new light. (Photo: CustomForm)

The right planning for the renovation of the rental flat

Before major projects are realised, tenants should make themselves very familiar with their rental agreement and contact the landlord when in doubt. Ideally you should have permission documented in writing. Renovation contracts are common today. While the application of murals or the laying of carpet of course do not require permission, this may not be the case when wallpapering and painting. When a tenant moves out, the flat must generally be returned in impeccable condition – including white wall elements and possible replaced fittings in the bathroom. Tenants should therefore also incorporate the costs for the removal for all projects.

However, those who have a wish, or a need, to decorate or redecorate should not be frightened off by this. Especially in the case of a possible upgrading of the flat, many landlords are open to discussion. Discuss your ideas for designing the flat completely openly with the owner of the building management. They may even bear part of the costs.

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