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For Seasons

Seasonal decoration as an expression of individual living styles

The way we style our homes is always changing. But in addition to the major trends, furniture manufacturers are also directing greater attention to the continuous variation of small, decorative touches. From seasonal decoration to contemporary lifestyle furniture, interiors are increasingly becoming an expression of the prevailing situation and individual moods. We reveal the most important aspects of the “For Seasons” trend.

Seasonal decoration and living culture as trend 2021

Home decoration is ever-changing

Seasonal looks are, of course, nothing new. Starting with seasonal flowers and ending with festive ornaments, our choice of decor has always reflected the changing seasons. However, this trend is steadily growing: the way we present our homes is perceived as a continual expression of our individual personalities. This includes seasonal decoration as well as complete style transformations. Whether floral table decorations or abstract objects, from autumnal touches to New Glam or Japandi , the trend is moving towards ephemeral interior decor instead of rigid design concepts. However, the return of decorative elements is not simply down to individual preferences, it is also guided by global megatrends such as sustainability and wanting to feel close to nature.

The industry has long since recognised that both product presentation and purchasing incentives must respond to consumers’ view of home living as a constantly changing process. The trick is to strike a balance between the equally strong trend towards sustainable, durable furniture and the desire to transform and decorate.

Claire Steinbrück
Director of imm cologne

Home accessories inspired by natural rhythms and personality

Interior design as an echo of the seasons

From colours and shapes to special motifs and aromas, nature is an endless source of inspiration for seasonal decoration. In summer, colourful bouquets of flowers are combined with vases in bright shades, which are then replaced in autumn by dried flowers and a bolder colour palette. Today, the range of decorative objects and home accessories is greater than ever, making it possible to realise even the most imaginative ideas.

A taste for creative makeovers

A few individual touches can completely transform the atmosphere of a room. The home is becoming an expression of personal creativity. The interiors sector is amplifying this trend with constantly changing mix-and-match selections of home textiles, such as cushions and rugs, as well as a rich assortment of vases, decorative objects, wall art and coffee-table books. Quick shifts in style are possible thanks to minor updates, while the large selection of changeable upholstery covers, slipcovers and curtains makes it easier to produce more major changes – as in the case of extravagant designs like the Lilies fabric from the Grandezza Six Senses collection by JAB Anstoetz Fabrics.

Colourful statements

In a reversal of the inclination towards minimalism seen in recent years, bold colours are making a comeback. From small splashes of colour provided by cushions or decorative planters to striking wall colours, your favourite shades can be displayed to dramatic effect. Taking their cue from the changing of the seasons, these colour nuances can also bring natural moods into the indoor environment. Although a little more courage may be needed when it comes to larger statement pieces, such as the Fearless Living rug by Jean-Philippe Demeyer .

Furniture as a lifestyle object

Interior design is about more than just making a home, it’s part of an individual lifestyle. Concept stores have long combined fashion with design objects in their range, and the first online shops are emerging that offer the right armchair to go with your suit. KARE Design, for instance, has evolved from a furniture store into a lifestyle provider, using decorative furnishing concepts to bolster various ways of living with its Muskat and Osaka collections.

Interior design – a social hobby

Perhaps the biggest force driving the new passion for home decoration is social media. Virtual mood boards and photos of the latest decor creations are being shared with a growing community of design fans on Pinterest and Instagram . Interior design has thus long since become a socially networked hobby that constantly generates new creative ideas and has found a further expression in the DIY trend. Besides personal preferences, the way we style our homes is therefore also inevitably a reflection and barometer of social trends.

1. With colourful flowerheads and striking patterns, the new fabric collection from JAB Anstoetz brings the warmth of seasonal joie de vivre into the home (Photo: JAB Anstoetz). Find out more about the new fabric collection from JAB Anstoetz .

Statement pieces like this limited-edition rug by Jean-Philippe Demeyer add bold pops of colour in spring or summer. At the same time, it can be quickly rolled up when the seasons change and be stored in a cupboard until its time comes around again (Poto: Jean-Philippe Demeyer). Find out more about the Fearless Living rug by Jean-Philippe Demeyer.

Pared-back geometry and earthy colours convey autumnal charm with Asian style elements. The pieces of furniture in the Osaka collection from KARE make an impact thanks to their unfussy overall composition (Photo: KARE Design). Find out more about the Osaka collection from KARE Design.

Rarely has the mid-century modern theme been approached with as much warmth as in the Muskat collection. The design’s straight lines are complemented with decorative elements, giving it a distinctly homely elegance. (Photo: KARE Design). Find out more about the Muskat collection from KARE Design.

Seasonal decoration: a reflection of life

Today’s homes are an expression of our personalities – and like them, they are always evolving. Just as we as individuals are shaped by global events, social changes and, of course, the seasons, these influences are also mirrored in the way we live. The furniture industry has recognised this and satisfies our desire for quick decor updates with a wide range of home accessories, lifestyle furniture and concepts from the “Natural Luxury” segment. This awareness of nature and society and their reflection within our own four walls will have a lasting impact on the way we live.

A new season is always on the horizon. You will find more product highlights focused on the “For Seasons” trend on ambista, the business network for the international interior design industry, hosted by Koelnmesse GmbH.

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