12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Maaru Sofa. Design: EOOS. | Exhibitor on the imm cologne 2024

Maaru Sofa. Design: EOOS.

Airy, casual, free: Maaru is an expression of lifestyle. A sofa in free-form – rounded, curved lines that seem to wrap us in a warm embrace. Touching softness, naturalness and harmony, executed with accomplished upholstery expertise. An inviting, happy place to sit and relax, where the whole family can enjoy time together.

Maaru comes from Maru – Japanese for circle

The idea of a free-form sofa had been in the air for a long time. But it took several years, various concepts, and numerous development phases before the design reached its current form: a sofa with soft shapes and a rounded silhouette, inviting lightness with a defined outline.

Maaru is given form by this fine art of curved lines. Inspired by Far Eastern landscape architecture, the EOOS design brings naturalness into the home. Like Japanese gardens, the focus is on harmony and beauty. It is about the natural flow and the structures associated with it, curved lines paired with a clear design language and minimalistic aesthetics. Maaru refers to these roots and the circle as the ultimate design form.

RE-thinking a product

A place where we like to linger. A place that satisfies our constant quest for timeless aesthetics and minimal use of materials, and at the same time appeals to our desire for softness and comfort. Lightness as an expression of minimal use of materials.

In our search for a new approach to design and sustainable construction, we developed Maaru: as much comfort as is needed with as few parts, materials, and adhesives as possible. The foam of the back is slipped over the steel frame, and the seat is placed onto the frame – entirely without the use of adhesives. A key role in this process is the cover, which fixes the seat in place. This results in the desired lightness and allows components to be separated by type later.
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