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How does the perfect summer of 2019 look?

The best thing about overly hot summer days are the warm, never-ending evenings. People simply make the most of this summer, which is full of stories about outdoor living. You don’t always need a barbecue to enjoy these peaceful hours in the open air. The “second living room” has been gaining in importance for a few years now: balconies, terraces and gardens are being pepped up and upgraded into a fully-fledged living space with high-quality outdoor furniture and water-resistant materials and lamps. From 1 to 3 September 2019, the world’s largest garden trade fair, spoga+gafa, will again showcase current trends and themed areas in the gardens sector. International exhibitors will present pioneering products from the world of the garden and offer a comprehensive overview of the new products for the coming outdoor season. By incorporating the subject of outdoor living in imm cologne’s “Das Haus” project in January, Koelnmesse is underlining its position as a top international trade fair organiser for the topics of interior design, home living and life in indoor and outdoor areas.

Story 1: How the trampoline became an outdoor living room

It’s a familiar scenario: the ageing trampoline, once the focal point of the garden for the children, desperately needs to be cleared of the leaves of last winter. But the children seem to have found a new use for it: teenagers see the piece of sports equipment as a styling platform and turn its three-meter diameter into an outdoor living room. The springy bottom is as if made to be a cosy dormitory, and with just a few blankets the safety nets can quickly be transformed into walls. Half open, half closed against prying eyes, the trampoline becomes a customised cave, a cool place to hang out or have a party – for one day, one night or a whole summer. Decorative elements such as cushions or stuffed animals are great touches for the perfect style. Matching accessories round off the setting for a perfect late afternoon in the garden. #InteriorTrampolin

Story 2: Yellow is the trend colour in the outdoor area for the 2019/2020 season

Which colour is the trend colour in the 2019/2020 outdoor season? The current contender for the title is a deep yellow. With a light hint of orange, this yellow has a modern and extremely confident feel. The colour is the perfect basis for trendy decorations in the outdoor area. And a summery sky blue is the perfect complement for the new yellow in the garden. Taking your cue from the trendy Tommy and Annika look, in which the yellow can be combined here and there with candy colours such as baby blue and pink, you can design your garden terrace or balcony “as you like it”. Just as with green, different yellow tones can be combined together without violating colour etiquette. The spectrum of popular yellow tones ranges from a pastel straw yellow and fresh lemon to a bold orangey hue. When combined with the long-running trend for grey in the outdoor furniture sector, not only is a nice contrast effect achieved, but colour is also finally coming back in the outdoor sector. Mia, Merle, Marie-Louise and Lasse have, of course, coordinated their summery outfit with the outdoor set (photo=. #Gelb

Story 3: Feel-good oasis: the garden terrace and balcony are getting cosier and cosier

You often see the influence of specific trends moving gradually over time from one living area to the next. The top trend of “cosiness” has now also reached the balcony. Providers of outdoor products are catering to the demand for more “materiality” with innovative textiles that hardly fade at all even after long hours in the sun, and that can survive the odd night out in the rain. Outdoor rugs for the terrace are extremely popular, and even the outdoor sofa in a uniform look becomes a cool feel-good oasis with high-quality upholstery and original cushions. Staying true to their own taste, Mia, Merle, Marie-Louise and Lasse have also made themselves comfortable, and added some spice to their existing outdoor furniture to make things as convivial as possible. When it’s time to serve up drinks, a colour-coordinated lemonade is the obvious choice – served ice cold, naturally (photo)! #wetterfest #gemuetlichkeit

Story 4: City gardening – transforming urban backyards and bijou balconies into oases

Living space in cities is sought-after, scarce and precious. At the same time, city dwellers’ desire for greater closeness to nature seems to be especially intense on summer days. City gardening is the big trend for the 2019/2020 summer season: backyards, bijou balconies and tiny gardens are carefully styled, making maximum use of the available space, and transformed into the perfect place for barbecuing, relaxing or hanging out with friends. If there aren’t any trees, the residents give the once bleak concrete desert a helping hand with as many trees in planters and tomato plants as their green fingers can manage. Run-of-the-mill plastic chairs and waxed tablecloths on the other hand are becoming more and more of a rarity. After all, urban residents love design and “real” materials like wood and metal. The inspirational presentation of the trends for the gardens sector in small spaces is one of the hot topics at spoga+gafa. #CityGardening #spogagafa

Story 5: Interior moments – a moment in time just for you

There are moments that deserve to be remembered. The view of the lake or the mountains in the evening, the first sandcastle in the sandpit in the back garden, the smell of summer rain in the city or the sense of contentedness that spending a good time with friends brings – these moments are forgotten too quickly. We all associate moments like these with a scent, an emotion, a memory or a space. These are moments in time just for you. They are heightened when the location and its surroundings are styled to create something very special that stays in the mind. And just imagine how much more intense this feeling is when you design your own backdrop to one of these special moments in time. Marie-Louise And Lasse enjoy the sunset after an exciting day. The romantic lighting and cosy ambience make the evening an unforgettable moment bathed in yellow light – their very own interior moment (photo). #InteriorMoments

Story 6: Outdoor furniture - the trade fair trends for outdoors

With the second living room becoming more and more important, the standards for furnishing terraces and balconies are rising as well. The industry is responding to this need by constantly improving the quality of the outdoor furniture that it designs and produces. The innovative materials employed mean that the furniture is not just designed for outdoor use; it lends the outdoor area of the home a touch of beauty and style. Whatever the user’s style preferences, from minimalist to subtly decorative, they’ll find something for them. The trend: furniture actually designed for outdoors is heading indoors – there’s hardly any difference in the upper segment now. In recent years, growing numbers of designers have enjoyed inventing and styling original, on-trend outdoor products.

Story 7: Where does the inside end and the outside begin?

The “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” installation is a simulated residential house at the international Interior Business Event imm cologne and the show’s study of how we could live in the future. “Das Haus 2020” by MUT Design not only brings a taste of the Spanish attitude to life to imm cologne, but also demonstrates – to striking effect – the potential of architecture and interior design to open up space to the outside world. As a result, the architectural dimension of “Das Haus” takes on particular importance this time around. “Life on the Mediterranean is synonymous with life outdoors,” say MUT about being inspired by their traditional ways of life. “Since time immemorial, our homes have always incorporated an element of nature into their interiors.” The MUT design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez and Eduardo Villalón in 2010 is one of the most successful teams in the “new wave” of Spanish design.

The complete spectrum of new products for the garden will be presented at the coming spoga+gafa - in a diversity that is unique worldwide. Whether it comes down to new furniture or plant trends, the latest technology for the garden or up-to-date barbecue equipment: The trade fair covers the entire offer of the industry at a glance. Hereby, the clearly structured sections garden living, garden creation & care, garden bbq and garden unique ensure a complete overview.

You can find images under: http://koelnmesse.onlinemedianet.de/download?guid=C86A191C-B273-95F9-CEFE-00AED19C5631

Koelnmesse – Global Competence in Furniture, Interiors and Design: Koelnmesse is the world’s top trade fair organiser for the areas of furnishing, living and lifestyle. At the trade fair hub of Cologne, the leading international fair imm cologne as well as the trade fair formats of LivingKitchen, ORGATEC, spoga+gafa, interzum and Kind + Jugend rank among the internationally renowned and established industry meeting places. These fairs comprehensively represent the upholstered and case furniture segment, the kitchen industry, the office furniture sector and outdoor living as well as the innovations of the furniture supply industry. Over the last few years, Koelnmesse has specifically added international fairs in the most important fast-expanding markets to its portfolio. These include idd Shanghai, interzum guangzhou in Guangzhou and Pueri Expo in Sao Paulo. With ambista, the online portal for the interiors business, Koelnmesse offers direct access to products, contacts, expertise and events relevant to the industry all year round.

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