16.–21.01.2023 #immcologne

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Future Living

The world is changing faster every day – and the new demands on our lives also bring along new opportunities. Whether sustainable products, smart living concepts in times of housing shortages or groundbreaking smart home solutions, you will find out everything about the worlds of living of tomorrow here.

New York,desk in a hotel, plant

Industry trends: how the hotels of the future will operate

More and more megatrends are influencing aspects of the hotel industry – from construction to the choice of furnishings. Find out what lies in store for the future of hotel design.

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Compostable furnitures

Sustainably disposing of furniture thanks to compostable products

Biodegradable is the new sustainable: Find out how compostable products could transform the interiors industry.

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Digital building: model

Digital building: Innovative solutions for more sustainability

From artificial intelligence to robotics: digital construction has the potential to change the industry for good.

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Is incorporating agricultural land into the urban environment the answer to eco-friendly living? (Photo: verdian chua on Unsplash)

Agrihood as an urban living concept

There is a growing desire to bring aspects of rural life into our cities. Is the “agrihood” concept, which incorporates farmed land into urban areas, a solution? Read on to find out.

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Vertical Village by Tom Fisk on Pexels.

Are vertical villages the future of urban planning?

The desire for a rural community feel in cities is growing. Vertical villages could well be the answer.

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Viale & Corso" lounge furniture series by Joka Kapsamer

Furniture made from hemp for sustainable design

Hemp is celebrating a comeback: designers and manufacturers are discovering the positive features the crop offers for new furniture creations.

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Large, open wardrobe

Tidiness has become an interior trend

The urge to declutter is growing as the shortage of space in our cities intensifies. This can be seen in the interior trend for tidying.

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Mindful Home by Daniel Chen on Unsplash.

Find awareness in a mindful home with a conscious interior design

A pared-back, harmonious interior design helps counter the hectic pace of everyday life. Find out how to create your personal retreat for a conscious life.

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Green sofa with floral pattern

Unusual interior design: quirky & fun

From luxurious rooms for pets to cactuses in cars – these are the craziest interior design trends for 2022.

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Minimalist kitchen design by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.

Kitchen trends for 2022: Smart, feel-good living spaces

Innovative lifestyle trends are also reflected in home interiors. Find out which of these are influencing kitchen design in 2022.

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Wooden shelf in metal by String

Interior Design Trends 2022

This year (almost) everything will be different. Interior design shows a new side with the home trends of 2022.

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Shopping centre Jupiter in Paris with a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens: Where nature meets architecture

Vertical gardens are helping to improve urban ecosystems. Read on to find out how they will make their mark on the green cities of the future.

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