17.–23.01.2022 #immcologne

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Future Living

The world is changing faster every day – and the new demands on our lives also bring along new opportunities. Whether sustainable products, smart living concepts in times of housing shortages or groundbreaking smart home solutions, you will find out everything about the worlds of living of tomorrow here.

Healing Architecture

Healing architecture – architecture meets health

Modern architecture needs to focus on human health. The ways that interior design affects our psyche.

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Recycling furniture

Recycling furniture is becoming more popular all the time

Whether plastic, wood waste or nutshells: almost every material is suitable for recycling furniture. And it is in any case stylish!

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Urban street furniture

Street furniture and parklets are reclaiming public spaces

Modular street furniture and parklets on city centre streets are creating more areas for social encounters in public spaces.

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Sharing spaces

Co-living: What is behind the new home living concept

The sharing economy is transforming how we live. What makes co-living different from a traditional house-share?

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Modular furniture for a new freedom in home living

Changes in lifestyles lead to new interior concepts. They call for multifunctional and modular furniture that removes familiar boundaries.

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Connected Living imm cologne

Smart living, connected living – the future trend of the connected home

Our homes are fast becoming smart homes for living and working. Connected solutions must meet exacting requirements and promote social interaction.

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Made-to-measure shelf by Tylko

Customized furniture: a promising trend

Your bespoke piece of furniture is just a few clicks away. Thanks to innovative technology, made-to-measure furnishings are no longer luxury items – and, above all, they are profitable.

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Corkchair from Vitra

Sustainable furniture: The industry is becoming greener

More and more consumers think that a good environmental life cycle assessment is important when purchasing furniture. Here we present our overview of the criteria and some successful examples.

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Pure Campus Discussion

How design influences our future

More than “just” recyclable raw materials: the sustainability debate in the interior design industry. Design journalist and trend researcher Frank A. Reinhardt in conversation with designer Jeannette Altherr.

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Living trend: light and minimalist

Goodbye, small parts! The tendency is clearly going towards open rooms and unconventional solutions.

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How will we live in the future?
How will we live in the future?

A question both manufacturers and customers are interested in. Three great trends are to be seen.

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