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Business Insights

What drives the industry? What new products are there on the market and how does one get the customers’ attention? As a retailer, purchaser or salesperson, this as well as other information is crucial to stay on course for further success at all times. That’s exactly why our regular articles especially for business customers keep you up to date.

Philip Kruse

PIM up your business

In this interview, expert Philipp Kruse explains how to manage product data correctly and the added value PIM systems can bring to your business.

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Pay with mobile phone.

The interior design industry and the future of retail

Security, connectivity, neo-ecology: these megatrends will massively alter the interior design industry over the next few years.

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Customer experience as a catalyst for success

Just like other businesses, furniture brands need to optimise their digital touchpoints in order to stay relevant. Customer experience expert Markus Haydl shares his tips.

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The metaverse: virtual spaces as a lucrative business model

How can the interiors industry harness the excitement about the metaverse? We spoke with an expert.

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Wood store interior by Markus Loke on Unsplash

Climate- and resource-friendly interior design for stores

Resource-efficient interior design for retail stores plays a key role in achieving climate neutrality. Learn about innovative concepts.

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Servitization in the interior design industry by Balázs Kétyi on Unsplash.

Servitisation in the interiors industry

Furnishing a property means much more than just buying products. Learn about the innovative as-a-service strategies that the industry can adopt in the future.

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The beginnings of the future of furniture and home design? Andrés Reisinger shows how it works. (Photos: Andrés Reisinger, Instagram)

NFTs: When the boundary between online and offline becomes blurred

NFTs and the metaverse: two topics that provide plenty of conversation material. Find out about the benefits they offer the interior design industry here.

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TikTok marketing: From mobile phones to living rooms.

The huge popularity of the TikTok app continues to grow. Find out here how companies can make smart use of this upswing for their own benefit.

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Hand with buy and sell signs

Buy-backs as a key to long-term customer loyalty

Retailers wanting to retain customers have to be creative. Buy-back schemes offer the furniture industry a new, innovative approach.

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Smartphone with the Netflix home screen

How the Netflix Effect is impacting the interiors industry

Television series are increasingly influencing what we buy. Find out here how companies and interior designers can harness this effect.

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Individualised living room with "Type 02" sideboard by Tylko

Mass customisation allows the interior design enthusiast to become a designer

The megatrend towards individualisation has definitely caught on in the interior design sector. Made-to-order furniture is already capturing the market.

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Pop-up stores represent a new, creative sales channel for the interior design industry. (Photo: Artem Beliaikin on Pexels)

Pop-up stores: Furnishings in the flesh

Appearing out of nowhere and disappearing just as quickly, pop-up stores represent a new, creative sales channel.

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