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Snuggle up together in a love seat

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Love seat – the name says it all. Much more appealing than armchair or sofa. While a 1.5-seater offers ample space for one, two people can cuddle up in one together. Provided they can tolerate a certain degree of physical closeness to the person sitting next to them, of course. Let’s take a look at five examples of these modern, cosy armchairs.

Two comfortable, light-brown leather armchairs face each other on a beige carpet.

Designer Gerard van den Berg has created three basic versions based on a visually simple shape: Ringo is available as a comfortable oversized armchair, a 2.5-seater and a 3-seater sofa. Copyright: Montis


Some people may be familiar with love seats from particularly snug evenings spent in front of the big screen. Some venues offer oversized cinema seats like these for you to either sit in by yourself or share, so that you and your partner can enjoy the film cuddled up closely together. However, these “mini sofas” are also made for the home, where they make a fantastic addition to a cosy corner of the lounge or as an easy chair for relaxing in the bedroom.
Perhaps the best way to describe Ringo from Montis is perfect seating with a casual, 1970s feel. Gerard van den Berg’s design is comfortable and inviting. The armchair is made for cosy evenings spent relaxing alone or as a couple. Improved foam quality and additional cushioning on the interior enhance comfort, lending the pleated seat and backrest a delightful laid-back look, especially in combination with various high-quality leather and fabric finishes.

Lounge Around

A dark-grey love seat with pale wooden legs stands in front of a dark-green wall.

Lounge Around is the perfect piece of furniture for urban living. The 1.5-seater fulfils every wish – even in small spaces. Copyright: Umage

Lounge Around from Umage is a multifunctional 1.5-seater. With cushions, backrests and bolsters that can be repositioned, the chair is very flexible and can be adapted to any environment or situation. In other words, Lounge Around is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or guest rooms. And the Danish label’s love seat has yet another special feature: one of the slim seat cushions has a thin tray on the reverse where you can rest your coffee, tea or a laptop. Designer Søren Ravn Christensen really has thought of everything.

Nana Love Seat

An armchair in beige upholstery with soft, round contours stands in a light-coloured room.

The Nana Love Seat is also available as an outdoor version. Freifrau Manufaktur unveiled the model at imm cologne 2023. Copyright: Freifrau Manufaktur

Hanne Willmann’s design for Freifrau Manufaktur is a symbiosis of unrivalled softness and straightforward, fuss-free design language. Despite its voluminous looks, the chair exudes elegance and sophistication. A pouffe is available to complement the Nana Love Seat, further enhancing the sitting experience. In the design process, Berlin-based Willmann was particularly keen to create an armchair that had simplicity at its heart without compromising on superior levels of comfort.

Gaia Divano Lounge

A radiant blue armchair with a round seat and a circular upholstered footrest

The Gaia family by Italian designer Monica Armani has a striking new member: Gaia Divano Lounge. Copyright: KFF

This piece of furniture from KFF resists categorisation. Not an armchair, not a sofa, not a chair – a true love seat. The upholstery wraps seamlessly around you like a warm embrace. Cool and cosy, yielding and round, extravagant and laid-back. Thanks to its soft single seat, the Gaia Divano Lounge offers a place for one or two people to sit in comfort. With this piece, designer Monica Armani has perfectly captured her take on the notion of “falling into the petals of a flower”. This rotating oasis of cosiness and relaxation is sure to make a statement in a cool loft, a spacious living room, a welcoming hotel lobby or a wellness area.


An armchair in light-coloured upholstery with a cushioned backrest and legs in dark wood

The Mela easy chair was created by the designers at Regular Company for Artisan. Copyright: Artisan

Mela conjures up an inviting feeling of comfort combined with refined aesthetics – ideal for this cosy armchair from Artisan. The XL model catches the eye thanks to its warm, sweeping curves. The designer armchair’s lines give the impression that it hails from another world. The love seat offers extreme comfort without losing any of its elegance. At first glance, it looks as if it has been constructed as a single piece. The backrest follows and frames the edge of the seat, nestling against it and forming a pleasantly soft membrane. The compact, visually elegant solid wood elements add the finishing touch.