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Interior design trends in 2024: the years top five styles

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Our personal tastes tend to be expressed within our own four walls. It’s not uncommon to discover a completely new side to a person when you visit their home. But tastes don’t always stay the same: new trends in interior design and colour schemes also change the way we restyle our homes from time to time. In this article, we explore the interior design trends that are making an impact in 2024.

A yellow sofa and other upholstered furniture in bright colours at the Bretz stand at imm cologne 2024.

Striking: the colourful Poolside sofa from Bretz attracted a lot of attention at imm cologne. Copyright: Bretz

Dopamine Decor

It started in the fashion industry with “dopamine dressing”. Now the trend that brought brightly coloured looks back to the high street is now transferring to living spaces. The mix of bold colours, patterns, shapes and textiles helps to create a life-affirming ambience and lift the mood inside the home.

Poolside from Bretz makes a colourful statement. The striking sofa looks like an inflatable mattress, employs a rounded, flowing design language and offers an impressive seat depth. The voluminous cushions look like air-filled chambers stacked on top of each other and the seat slopes gently backwards, drawing you even deeper into the sofa. Poolside is available in various brightly coloured velour fabrics – very much in keeping with the dopamine decor trend.

A leather armchair with a round seat stands in front of a dark wall of shelves in a bright, welcoming space.

All-round comfort: With its soft, rounded shape, reminiscent of a pillowy cloud, the Nimbo swivel chair from Bielefelder Werkstätten is a real head-turner. Copyright: Bielefelder Werkstätten

Curved Design

Whether round, oval or elliptical, in contrast to furniture with hard edges or sharp corners, organic forms radiate real softness. Furniture and home accessories incorporating curved designs are back in fashion and injecting new dynamism into our homes. Chairs and armchairs with organic contours can be found alongside wave-shaped tables and sofas with round armrests.
Nimbo embraces these characteristics. The armchair created by designer Lucie Koldova for Bielefelder Werkstätten is the archetype of a soft biomorphic structure. The sculptural design works with the tectonics of shapes to create a piece of indoor seating furniture that is both visually attractive and comfortable to sit on.

A chest of drawers made of pale natural wood stands in a light room. Decorative elements are positioned on the chest of drawers; a low wooden chair stands to the right of it.

Genuine handwork: Ethnicraft’s PI collection is 100% handmade. Each piece is a unique work that elevates any home. Copyright: Ethnicraft


Genuine handmade pieces are a luxury. Hand-wattled, woven, shaped, filed, sanded or sculpted – handcrafted is in. And rightly so. The techniques of this kind of craftmanship, which sometimes require arduous work, produce unique pieces that stand the test of time and assume the position of treasured classics in the home.
One example of this trend is Ethnicraft’s PI collection. It honours nature’s design by keeping the strength, curves and lines as nature intended. Interesting shapes are created by the sleek, stylishly polished, imperfect finish. The sideboard in the PI collection is finished by hand to ensure that the wood’s individual character is respected.

Two floor lamps with square lampshades stand in front of a blue wall

The Xio floor lamp by Hollands Licht is based on three simple elements that achieve their effect thanks to the choice of materials and their judicious pairing. Copyright: Hollands Licht

Shining Lights

Lamps were, are and always will be key interior design elements that turn a space into a real home. And they come in countless different models: ceiling lamps, pendant lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps – the list goes on.
But some lamps are true luminaries. Among them is Xio by Hollands Licht. The innovation in this lamp is the slimline LED. The special pattern ensures that the frameless surface is evenly illuminated. Xio is an elegant model with a timelessness that allows it to be seamlessly integrated into interiors.

A beige sofa stands in front of a brown wall with light fixtures

Many items of upholstered furniture end up in the rubbish far too soon, even though the only thing wrong with them is their worn covers or sagging upholstery. COR provides a repair service that gives items of furniture a second life with CORever. Copyright: COR / Joachim Grothus

Second Life

Sustainability is more than just a trend – it is a business philosophy. In a time in which protecting the environment is becoming more and more important, growing numbers of people are looking for ways to make environmentally sound decisions in their daily lives – and when they are furnishing their homes, too.
The furniture industry is responding to this by introducing second life programmes. One of the pioneers in the industry is the German furniture manufacturer COR. A few years have already passed since it launched CORever, a repair service that gives old items of furniture a new lease of life in the company’s workshop. Seats are recovered, chair legs repaired, and sofas reupholstered. The restored items include the Nook sofa that COR recently displayed at its stand at imm cologne 2024.