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The kitchen sink as the centrepiece

Contemporary kitchen taps impress with their elegant functionality

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In the kitchen, we want a cosy ambience and robust furnishings that are also visually stunning. Dark kitchen taps and metallic accents or concrete-look sinks define the latest trends. They are joined by touch-free taps with smart features that promote good daily hygiene. Discover the new trends here.

Modern kitchen faucet by R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Kitchen sinks are more than just a functional component of any kitchen – they can be real eye-catchers, too. (Photo: R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash)

Robust and functional kitchen taps

The latest kitchen trends reveal one thing: The expectations placed on modern kitchens are becoming increasingly diverse. Kitchens today are both living and dining rooms; they function as a social space, but they should simultaneously be practical. A modern, visually attractive design is also a must – and the kitchen taps play a key role in this. Together with the sink, the taps are the centrepiece of any kitchen. This is where ingredients are peeled, washed, prepared and cooked.

The daily use that the kitchen sink and taps undergo require them to be especially robust. They are constantly exposed to wear because we are always in contact with them during our activities in the kitchen. This is where expanded technological possibilities and practical extra features come in – including touch-free taps that make daily life that bit easier.

Multifunctional kitchen

Many ingredients are prepared around the kitchen sink. Multifunctional designs, such as double bowls, create more order and provide extra functionality. (Photo: Christian Mackie on Unsplash)

Hygienic smart kitchens are in

Smart kitchen appliances and devices are becoming more and more popular. There are two reasons for this: On the one hand, connected technological products make cooking more efficient, saving time and energy. On the other hand, they offer higher standards of hygiene. In multi-person households, hygiene and constant handwashing have become more important than ever before in recent years.

As the kitchen taps are always wet due to this washing and rinsing, particular caution is needed here. Germs and bacteria like to multiply on damp surfaces – especially in places where we handle food and then immediately touch other things. Contactless taps such as those by manufacturer BLANCO can help here. Similar sensor-equipped taps can already often be found in public sanitary facilities. Now these taps are also making their way into modern kitchens. The big advantage: In addition to the hygiene aspect, a touch-free tap saves energy because the sensor reacts only when a hand is held under it. Some models can even be operated using an app. This smart technology allows the flow duration, sensor sensitivity and temperature to be easily controlled.

The modern, multifunctional kitchen

Multifunctionality plays a big role because the kitchen is increasingly becoming a central gathering place in the home. It’s a place that we want to be especially clean and tidy. But in small kitchens, it can be difficult to keep things organised. Often the kitchen sink is full of dishes, and the work surfaces are crowded with food. Multifunctional concepts can help here.

There are lots of ways to optimally combine the sink, draining board, work surface and cooking area in different configurations in the available space. For example, the double sink by the Plados-Telma Group has a central draining area to save space. It’s built into a corner. One linear option is the Metalac granite kitchen sink by Matis-Mebl . Double sinks such as this version by the Plados-Telma Group – with a main and an additional bowl plus a drainer – are popular. All the options can be supplemented in a variety of ways with work surfaces and under-counter features for the waste bin, chopping boards and cutlery or general-purpose drawers. These possibilities turn a simple sink into a multifunctional area.

Kitchen taps in on-trend black

Kitchen taps in on-trend black really come into their element in light kitchens. (Photo: R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash)

Black kitchen taps are on-trend

Minimalist designs and materials and colours with an airy feel are in demand. They make the kitchen appear more open. Light colours are being replaced with black elements. A black kitchen sink in quartz composite or ceramic is a very on-trend choice. Alternatively, a grey granite sink is an elegant look. Individual colourful objects create great accents. They can take the form of taps and a strainer in a reddy copper or a brilliant gold stainless steel.

Slightly lighter granite materials bring the concrete look into the kitchen. This trend has already attracted attention as a floor covering . The luminous accents created by a copper and gold kitchen tap work just as well with a light-grey granite sink as they do with a black sink. A grey version made from ceramic gives a kitchen a stylish elegance, as the ceramic kitchen island Concrete by Galeria Braz Janusz Mizera demonstrates. In pale kitchens on the other hand, cooler silver shades of chrome or stainless steel, such as the BLANCO LEVOS-S tap by BLANCO , work better. This means that, despite their minimalist design, kitchens don’t seem cold. On the contrary, they exude a contemporary welcoming comfort.

The centre of the kitchen

Today the kitchen is the centrepiece of the home – and the kitchen sink and taps are the centrepiece of the kitchen. This is what makes this place so important. After all, sinks have been used for more than just washing-up for some time. They have established themselves as multifunctional everyday assistants and stylish, eye-catching features. Solutions can be found for all tastes and for any features that the user may desire.

The latest kitchen sinks and taps combine design, functionality and comfort. To meet all of today’s requirements, touch-free, digital components are a must. With the high hygiene standards that are expected today, innovative concepts for kitchens are in greater demand than ever before.

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