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Flexible living

Multifunctional furniture can now do more

Living space is scarce and expensive, and our homes are increasingly also used as workplaces. Or to put it another way, people are moving closer together, boundaries are shifting and our furniture has to keep up. No wonder multifunctional furniture is becoming increasingly popular. The latest products demonstrate how functional furniture can simultaneously be cosy, individual and aesthetically pleasing.

Multifunctional furniture as a trend for 2021 and furthermore

These days, multifunctional furniture means far more than coffee tables with storage space. Castors and closed, attractively designed rear panels can make items into mobile furniture and room dividers, as the new R110 sideboard by Müller Möbelfabrikation shows. Multifunctional furniture is also a great way to make the most of narrow rooms. Wall shelves such as the ones in the Fläpps system can be folded open or closed as needed, providing space for your laptop when the little ones are drawing or crafting on your usual desk.

Health and relaxation are also hugely important: height-adjustable desks have been given a new lease of life with the start of the coronavirus pandemic, if not before. No commuting, virtual meetings, coffee breaks without colleagues – standing desks are a wonderful way to balance the many hours spent sitting. And hidden functions such as fold-out neck supports on seating furniture provide the necessary level of comfort.

Multifunctional furniture is sustainable because, thanks to modular systems, they can be extended or enhanced depending on the individual circumstances. With the plug-in system by Mocoba , that can even be done without tools. Many items of multifunctional furniture impress with minimalist designs, making them timeless pieces that can be flexibly implemented.

“Innovative and offering added value, multifunctional furniture is sustainable and space-saving – providing structure, dividing spaces and suitable for a variety of functions.”

Claire Steinbrück
Director of imm cologne

Functional furniture for small apartments and big ideas

Minimalism meets comfort again in 2021. Technical innovation and closeness to nature are becoming an unbeatable combination, and structure can be reconciled with openness. Multifunctional furniture thereby satisfies far more than just our need for space. There is no denying that the housing shortage, the rise in single-person households and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic are reducing the space we have available to live in.

But what about the growing desire for individuality? The yearning for a cosy home to cocoon and entertain in? What about our aspiration for high-quality, attractive and sustainable furnishing? As drivers of innovation, these more personal needs are equally important as broader social trends. Multifunctional furniture and innovative interior concepts make personal fulfilment possible even in the smallest spaces .

The four-two sofa by brühl & sippold
The Floater desk by COR
The space-saving Fläpps fold-away secretary by Ambivalenz
Knot felt wall element by HEY-SIGN

This corner sofa is a real master of metamorphosis! Outstanding comfort while sitting or lying down is guaranteed thanks to foldable modules, while the seating area can be extended lengthwise and sideways as you wish. (Photo: brühl) Find out more about the four-two sofa bed by brühl & sippold.

A must-have in this age of working from home! The work lounge concept by COR offers plenty of space, functions as a stylish room divider, dampens background noise and makes the work disappear in no time. (Photo: COR) Find out more about the Floater desk by COR

A supreme example of modular, multifunctional furniture: used alone as a secretary or in combination with shelves, this item of system furniture by Ambivalenz can be folded open and closed as necessary. (Photo: Ambivalenz) Find out more about the Fläpps fold-away secretary by Ambivalenz

This handy storage talent by HEY-SIGN is small but perfectly formed. The decorative wall element made of wool felt comes in three sizes and many colours, providing a cosy home for jewellery, paperclips and even plants. (Photo: HEY-SIGN) Find out more about Knot by HEY-SIGN.

The future is all about micro, multi & co.

Functional furniture for small apartments will become increasingly common in future – because even if working from home becomes the exception again sometime, micro-apartments, tiny houses and co-living concepts will continue to gain ground. And the multifunctional furniture of today also looks great in generously sized homes. Discover more innovative items of furniture catering to this trend at ambista.

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