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imm cologne 2020: Luxuriant upholstery on dainty feet

In recent years, many people have come to regard their living rooms as sanctuaries. Guests are being welcomed back into our kitchen-cum-living rooms – and this is also where we spend the evening with friends. Living rooms are increasingly functioning as places of refuge into which not just families but also couples and singletons can get away from it all, where we can make ourselves comfortable and simply lounge around.

Best of imm cologne 2020: Upholstery at New Moments

Collage: FAR_Consulting

This is the area of our homes where our preferred interior look really comes into its own – whether it be the cosy atmosphere associated with German Gemütlichkeit, Scandinavian understatement, Mediterranean or southern European charm or American-style generosity. Naturally, armchairs and sofas dominate the space, because this is where we want to be comfortable. That’s also the reason why the largest living room in the world is fitted out in Cologne each January, when exhibitors present their latest upholstered furniture across several halls at imm cologne.

In 2020, however, we’re free to step it up a notch – at least up top. In other words, volume is definitely the order of the day in terms of the upholstery itself. But underneath, slender designs are on-trend when it comes to the base and legs. What’s more, modular construction means there are virtually no limits to the layout of sofa arrangements. With total freedom to choose a combination of different shades, the same liberal approach applies to this season’s colours. These designs are enjoying a lasting presence in “ New Moments ”, the Cologne Interior Business Event’s novel presentation format. The participants presented products on the digital exhibition platform that were making their debut appearance at imm cologne – including, of course, many pieces of upholstered furniture. In this blog post, we present a selection of the armchairs and sofas that featured in the exhibition.

Pilotis from COR
Vogue from Gyform
Luna from Fischer Möbel
Curt from Ambivalenz
Collar from WOUD
BomBom from infinity
DS-531 from de Sede
Essex from Barabbu
After from prostoria

Small, compact sofa with enormous comfort fashioned loosely on the idea of transferring seating comfort and characteristic design to the furnishings of smaller floor plans. Photo: Pilotis from COR

Sofas, corner elements, chaise-longue, terminals and footstools of this seating system make it possible to create different solutions that adaptable to personal space and taste. Photo: Vogue from Gyform

Luna is the new lounge sofa with fixed back and multi-adjustable side panels. Photo: Luna from Fischer Möbel

With only one single module form, one can combine many of these modules. In this way sofas in every imaginable configuration can be created. Photo: Curt from Ambivalenz

Using voluminous curves and askew arranged back cushions, Collar reinterprets classic sofa design into a contemporary appealing appearance. Photo: Collar from WOUD

BomBom is a soft and comfortable armchair, formed by a cozy shell that can be upholstered with up to two different colours. Photo: BomBom from infinity

The sweeping frame construction and a wooden supporting base for the seat cushions are the simple structural elements of this cosy armchair. Photo: DS-531 from de Sede

Metamorphosis is the transformation process from caterpillar to butterfly. It inspired the creation of Essex Swivel Chair. Photo: Essex from Barabbu

After wants to bring the comfort of a home sofa into an office environment, hotel lobby or airport lounge. Photo: After from prostoria