12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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New living trends

Smart technology at home

Can we grow herbs with an app? Can a computer take on caring for plants to improve the climate indoors? Does the climate have an impact on the wiring of buildings? Does a smart control system take on the task of switching off lights and the coffee machine when leaving a building? Our answer: yes!

Smart Home at home

Smart applications are becoming increasingly diverse, reliable and easy to use, and they can be tailored more and more precisely to the specific needs of residents. Smart technologies are increasingly becoming an integral element of the architecture, for example:

  • Computer-operated optimisation of the air inside
  • Innovative regulation and use of the bathroom
  • Energy-optimised regulation of the ambient temperature

But smart technology is also increasingly being integrated into our living culture:

  • Lamps that can also be used as Bluetooth speakers
  • Bedside tables with wireless mobile phone charging stations
  • Cupboards that provide ambient lighting
  • Mirror cabinets with multimedia function
  • Tables that adjust so that we move enough
  • Sofas that remember your own favourite position for sitting
  • Lights that help us to fall asleep
  • Beds that gently move us into another position if we are snoring

The technology is becoming an integral part of the furniture that is as inconspicuous as possible.

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