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From natural to digital

These are the lamp trends for 2021

Light is a basic human need. But the aspirations of the 2020/2021 lamp trends reach beyond simply helping users to see. The trends follow a wide variety of creative directions and there is no shortage of (technical) innovations either. Our collection of current and upcoming designer lighting fixtures highlights the materials, styles and functions the sector will be focusing on in the year ahead.

Ceramic Pendant by Moebe

The lampshades for Moebe’s Ceramic Pendant lighting fixtures are handcrafted. The direction and shape of the beam of light cast vary depending on the positioning of the cable in the slot-shaped guide. Photo: Moebe

When it comes to designing lamps, there are no limits to creativity – it’s hard to find another field where designers can express themselves so freely. Nevertheless, developments are always emerging that pick up on moods and trends in society as well as customer needs and elaborate them further.

Natural materials for a harmonious ambience

We will see the focus on nature continue into the coming year. Paper, a traditional material in lampshade design, is currently experiencing increased demand. Elegant table lamps made of high-quality cellulose have an elegant aesthetic appeal. They are joined by materials such as bamboo, linen and many species of natural wood, which create a calming and cosy atmosphere even when unlit. Secto Design from Finland combines elegant design and craftsmanship in its pendant luminaires made of pressed wood.

Pendant lamps from Secto.

Secto presented these delicate pendant lamps made of pressed wood in the Pure Editions section at imm cologne 2020. The trend towards renewable and sustainable materials remains strong.

Minimalistic elegance, Japandi-style

This love of wood and paper is currently being celebrated to perfection in the Japandi style of interior design. This mixture of Scandinavian and Japanese style elements allows minimalist forms and subtle natural tones to reveal their effect.

The hand-woven Bela lamp from Kettal is made of a single continuous cord and, as a table or floor lamp, casts soft light into the surroundings – because it is weatherproof, it can even be used outdoors.

With its Bonbori outdoor lamp , Brokis is showcasing a modern take on a classic design. Its lantern shape is complemented by handblown glass and a stylish stainless steel base. The result is a sophisticated object for the balcony or terrace.

Lamp Bela from Kettal. Photo: Kettal

Bela is a lamp in the style of a Japanese lantern. Photo: Kettal

Multifunctional lighting concepts

Multifunctional approaches and a host of new uses are among the most popular trends for 2020/2021. For example, some current models are portable or suitable for outdoor use .

As a case in point, the minimalist floor lamp PARROT from Tobias Grau has no cables and is easily moved. The design is height-adjustable and uses innovative technology to recharge for its next use. FLYING , by contrast, is a pendant lighting fixture with a patented height-adjustment system, allowing it to float elegantly over a dining table. This new freedom to direct light selectively and effortlessly to suit personal requirements will likely continue to grow in popularity in the future, too.

Pendant lamp Flying from Tobias Grau. Photo: Tobias Grau

The height of FLYING, the pendant lamp from Tobias Grau, is freely adjustable – and both the colour and intensity of the light can be modified via Bluetooth. Photo: Tobias Grau

Lamp trends and modern technology

The triumphant march of LED technology opens up many new possibilities – from classic dimming options to lamps that use human-centric lighting, when the light emitted is optimised to suit the circadian rhythm in humans. In combination with smart home technologies and integrated into high-quality designs, we are probably only just seeing the start of this development.

When light and object merge

La Linea from Artemide. Photo: Artemide

La Linea from Artemide. Photo: Artemide

The latest lamp trends are not always recognisable as such. Instead of designing lamps as design objects, manufacturers are choosing to switch to a new angle and focusing on hidden light sources. By using shelves, chairs or vases with their own lighting, they are revealing clever combinations of illumination and object. Not only are these practical solutions, they also add a whole new quality to furniture design. Even skirting boards and room dividers are transformed into functional lighting objects.

La Linea from Artemide is one of the most striking examples. Extremely flexible and fitted with high-quality LEDs, this tube of light uses light and shadow to create structure in entire rooms and flats.

The return of minimalism and Bauhaus

Geometric shapes, well thought-out functions and minimalist aesthetics are experiencing a modern revival more than 100 years after the founding of the Bauhaus school. Particularly when it comes to lighting, a minimalist basic concept can lend a room an elegant atmosphere while also radiating cosiness. With its combination of opal glass and iron profiles, the cylindrical wall lamp from Norr11 consciously draws inspiration from the 1930s. Midgard, the style-defining inventor of the adjustable Midgard lamps, is bringing out a modern interpretation of this classic with its Ayno floor lamp .

DIY lighting concepts

Designing the lighting scheme for your own home is set to get easier in future: high-quality programmes from various manufacturers are already able to create very realistic visual representations to aid the positioning of spotlights as well as that of table and floor lamps. Slamp for example, offers a configurator that interactively integrates the models selected by the user into their own photographs in order to simulate lighting effects and the overall aesthetic impact. By using tools like this, customers will be able to experiment with ideas for domestic lighting. This development clearly points in the direction of virtual lighting consultations and the use of VR technology, which will make it easier for us to plan our home interiors going forward.

Want to discover even more lamp trends for 2021? The full light(ing) spectrum

The range of different lamp designs extends almost as far as the light spectrum itself. In addition to the major trends for 2020/2021 outlined above, designers are constantly unveiling more small innovations and style developments. And we are seeing a return of the courage to use creative forms. Smoked glass and the return of the chandelier continue to be very popular, while the topic of sustainability in the interiors sector is visibly playing an increasingly significant role when it comes to lighting, too. Alongside energy-saving technologies, this also applies to materials and production. And last but not least, many manufacturers have rediscovered the courage to use colour. Eye-catching lampshades and coloured glass are therefore a perfect match for the current resurgence of patterns and finishes.