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Authentic and far from the norm

Goblincore embraces nature, warts and all

Goblins, also known as gnomes or imps, are mystical creatures that live in gnarly woods and represent a time long ago. They know nothing of social conventions, digital filters and constant availability. Goblincore captures the longing for authenticity and tranquillity. It allows nature to show itself in all its unvarnished glory and just simply be. But what exactly does that look like and where has this new home living trend come from?

Goblincore trend inspiration by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

The idea behind goblincore is to feel close to nature, as in this treehouse in the middle of the woods. (Photo: Karen Emsely on Unsplash)

The aspiration behind mushroomcore

Goblincore, also known as mushroomcore or mosscore, has its origins in the social network TikTok. But it’s not just on social media that plants, animals and insects are celebrated. Paradoxically, the trend symbolises quite the opposite – the act of abandoning the smartphone in favour of spending time in nature, walking among the flowers, herbs and woodland, for example. A kind of digital detox, then, instigated by digital media. What’s more, goblincore captures the current zeitgeist. Whether it’s to do with ways of life, relationships, work, beauty ideals or gender, things that were once regarded as “normal” are now increasingly being questioned, primarily by Generation Z.

The strength of this longing for authenticity and freedom of values can be seen in music, fashion and interior design. In her album “Værmin”, Tara Nome Doyle sings about butterflies, worms and leeches. Sweaters are adorned with detailed images of snails, and wooden mushrooms sit alongside houseplants. The charm is in the imperfection for this unfiltered trend. Nothing is enhanced to make it look beautiful. Or rather, everything is beautiful, just as it is.

Goblincore: interior design with a forest feel

The movement has its roots in Cottagecore , a home living trend that is a sort of extension of country house style, representing simplicity and a slower pace of life. Friendly colours, dried flowers and inviting, shabby chic furniture conjure up an idyllic atmosphere in the home.

Goblincore or mushroomcore is less romantic: dark, earthy wall colours, terrariums with moss and houseplants , vintage-style mushroom and frog posters, and DIY furniture made from old wood set the tone. Like biophilic design , the trend draws nature into the home – just in a way that is slightly less abstract and purposeful and a touch more chaotic . Some people even interpret it on a spiritual level. As a result, crystals and celtic symbols are also popular alongside animals, amphibians and plants.

Houseplants in Goblincore by Annie Spratt on Pexels

Houseplants are a really good way to bring nature into the home as part of the goblincore trend. (Photo: Annie Spratt on Pexels)

Natural furniture, moss walls and dark colours

The goblincore trend opens up all kinds of options for interior design: dark wall colours are reminiscent of a shady wood offering protection and a place of retreat. Plant and moss walls like the Greenwood Moss Jungle by Freund complete the aesthetic and release a fresh, earthy scent.

Furniture inspired by nature, like the Forest swivelling armchair by FAST Spa , brings to mind root systems or tree canopies. Organic patterns like the specially developed lichen patina by Charlotte Kingsnorth exemplify individual beauty, while tables and shelves constructed with real lava stone such as the Karst bookcase by JPC Universe capture the rawness of nature. And the seating furniture from the Design by Nature project by Front and Patrizia Moroso seems as if it could easily have been taken directly from the forest floor.

Forest image on dark wall by Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels.

In goblincore interior design the forest becomes part of the interior. (Photo: Ryutaro Tsukata on Pexels)

Nature as a source of inspiration

Whether it’s DIY or designer furniture, goblincore is a style that can be achieved in a wide range of ways on social media and within the home. Nature provides manufacturers with practically unlimited inspiration. From lifelike depictions of amphibians to furniture inspired by nature with a forest floor aesthetic, almost anything is possible. And more importantly, beautiful.

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