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Interior Design Trends 2022: against all odds

2022 is here and with it the new interior design trends of the year have arrived. Wild colors, flashbacks to former times or unconventional shapes: the home trends 2022 are here to break rules and invite you to experiment.

Wooden shelf in metal by String

Interior trends in 2022 couldn't be more different: from '90s elements to wild patterns and bright colors to sustainable materials, everything is possible this year. (Photo: String)

Pandemic as a trend driver

The worldwide pandemic of the last two years has had a significant impact on our way of life, living spaces and it will also influence the interior design trends of 2022. In times of Corona we have learned to focus on the important things in life again. Mindfulness , slow living and the connection to nature have taken on a new significance in our lives. We have increasingly welcomed nature into our own four walls by relying on natural materials for interior design and bringing more plants into our homes.

Room concepts are increasingly being developed in a multifunctional way, and working from home office has influenced our needs. Many of these home trends will continue in 2022. The interior design trends of the past years were mainly restrained, uniform and calm. In times when the world seems unpredictable, the desire to retreat has been greater than ever. Nude colors , subtle patterns and the search for inner-center defined the home trends. Self-care and self-prioritization continue to be the focus. But in a world full of seriousness, the longing for cheerful and lighthearted designs is growing. 2022 will be a year when we see more sensual, eclectic and emotional designs. After two years of the pandemic, we are ready for stimulation.

Comeback of the 90s & 2000s

For quite some time now, the 70s and 80s have made a comeback and conquered the interior design trends with neon colors and groovy patterns. In 2022, the 90s will be back with old-school charm paired with nostalgia. Patterns in Memphis design, simple emojis or bold color blocks – everything retro is in again. The past gives us familiarity and comfort this year - things that have gained importance especially during the pandemic. Shifting down a gear, appreciating the past and not constantly striving something new: a philosophy that is becoming increasingly important in these fast-moving times.

Lamp by &Tradition in green and chairs by Thonet in orange

It’s a bang: Thonet and &Tradition show color courage with their new collections, making them trend pioneers in 2022. (Photo: &Tradition & Thonet)

Maximalism in shape and color

"The more the merrier" is a well-known saying that will find its way into our homes in 2022. After the motto in previous years of primarily getting rid of superfluous items and to reduce oneself to the bare essentials, the tendency toward minimalism is now being followed by the opposite: maximalism is the order of the day. Perhaps it's because the restrictions of the pandemic awaken a longing for more - more color, shapes and patterns. In fashion is every design that makes our eyes dance and puts us in a good mood while we stay indoors. It's all about exciting visual experiences that are eye-catching and opulent. Whether it's a large, expansive sofa, kitchen cabinets that reach from floor to ceiling or carpets with a wild mix of patterns: combine what you like. The maximalist interior style is all about surrounding yourself with everything you love.

In terms of color, 2022 will also be bold. Cream and nude tones still have their moments, but this year will be dominated by strong, bright colors. Pantone kicks things off with Very Peri as color of the year. According to Pantone, the tone "combines all the qualities of blue while having a reddish-purple undertone, showing us a vibrant, happy view of the world and dynamic presence that inspires bold creativity and imaginative expression." In short: a color that puts us in a good mood.

&Tradition also presents its Flowerpot lamp in the new collection in a bold and bright Signal Green. Thonet is also going for bright colors in 2022. The 119 chair combines bentwood with wickerwork in bright orange. These design classics add an invigorating color accent to any interior.

Sustainable furnishings more en vogue than ever

Sustainability has been the buzzword of the past few years, and the topic will accompany us in 2022 as well. Whether it's Biophilic Design or Goblincore, it's about embracing nature and putting it first. As an example, this is reflected in sustainable furnishing. Environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important to consumers. Fast and cheap is over – today, eco-friendly and long-lasting designs that focus on the planet are in high demand.

A buzzword that will be with us in 2022, according to the Future Institute: FurNEARture. As part of the Slow Living Movement, it is the equivalent of Slow Fashion. FurNEARture focuses on regional production and, above all, regional sourcing of materials. This makes it possible to shorten transport routes and reduce CO2 emissions. Team 7 has been pursuing this approach for years, as has the Zeitraum brand. Both companies have specialized in local products and production - and are hitting just the right note with customers. The growing commitment to investing more in sustainable furnishings shows how important these designs have become to customers.

Lighting system from Vibia

In collaboration with designer Stefan Diez, Vibia has developed an innovative lighting system that offers the possibility to customize and expand light sources. (Photo: Vibia)

Modular furniture and individual design

The shortage of living space, changing working environments and the desire for individuality: many facts have an influence on the development of the furnishing industry. In recent years, it has become clear that modular solutions are increasingly in demand. Furniture should be able to be redesigned and adapted just as quickly as living spaces change. This year, too, flexibility is a major issue and is driving the furnishing industry to top performance. After all, the home must now fulfill ever higher and more diverse expectations.

Living and working spaces are merging into a single unit and demand modular furniture. These include everything from shelving systems that can be expanded at will to individual lighting installations. The furnishing industry is already providing many exciting concepts. Vibia , for example, has developed modular lamps that can be installed anywhere at home thanks to a power supply via flexible textile cables. The special feature: these individual lamps are attached to the textile cable via a clip, which means that more lamps can be added later. The modular shelving system from String can be customized to suit personal preferences and offers maximum flexibility - and individualization - from shelves to integrated chests of drawers and desks.

The change and interior design trends 2022

Every year, home trends set new impulses for the entire industry. The most important question is always: how do we want to live as a society? This year, too, the furnishing trends manage to perfectly capture the zeitgeist. They are the response to a society in transition. Focus is on the desire for optimism, fun and escape. 2022 will be a loud and exciting year for interior design.

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