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An extremely popular trend

Cottagecore: Rustic romanticism, pure and simple

Do you dream of a life in the country? Cottagecore is not just a trend – it also describes an entire movement that’s currently growing in popularity in the home interiors and lifestyle segments. The look is similar to traditional cottage style, but cottagecore takes that rural feel even further, with the key aspects being nature, cosiness and freedom. Find out what this lifestyle trend is all about and why it has become so relevant to the interior design industry.

Cottagecore cottage in the countryside by Arno Smit on Unsplash

The cottagecore trend embodies the desire of a growing number of people to move to the countryside and live a freer life. (Photo: Arno Smit on Unsplash)

What is cottagecore?

Also known as farmcore or countrycore, cottagecore is an extension of traditional cottage style. Cottage, of course, refers to a small house in the countryside, and core comes from hardcore, suggesting that the look is taken to the extreme. In an era characterised by a constant stream of new technologies and fast-paced living, we are increasingly craving extra cosy places of refuge in natural surroundings. Originally inspired by a nostalgic, romantic ideal of life in the English countryside, this yearning is now reflected in cottagecore. To get away from the city and out into nature – people want to experience that longed-for sense of freedom at home.

Having first come to prominence among Generation Z on social media channels, this lifestyle has now found its way into interior design and the DIY scene. In recent times, the trend has been given a further boost by the pandemic. And so, cottagecore is not just a trend – it has become a whole movement. The great thing about it is that, in principle, cottagecore brings many different trends, such as vintage, cottage style, sustainability and DIY under one roof.

Cottagecore style dried flowers by Emma Valerio on Unsplash

Cottagecore style encompasses natural, rural decorative elements, such as dried flowers, vases of wildflowers and terracotta pots filled with plants. (Photo: Emma Valerio on Unsplash)

Extreme comfort: a how-to guide

We’re already familiar with many cottagecore products from traditional cottage style . As well as natural materials such as wood, wicker, raffia and cotton, muted earthy colours and vintage products are highly popular in this trend, too. The cosier, the better – that’s the motto. Cottagecore also features romantically ornate floral patterns on walls, dried flowers in decorative vases like the XA-019 from Xhaka Art , green plants in terracotta pots or crocheted tablecloths. The modest simplicity of a wooden floor and stone walls provides the ideal complement to the slightly hippyish patterns, because the look shouldn’t be too fussy either. A certain dose of rustic charm, as supplied by the Rafael chair from Simex , for example, is indispensable in a perfectly furnished cottagecore room.

Handicrafts and home-made products also play a major role. DIY is a big trend at the moment – and it’s even a sustainable business model. From homemade crocheted blankets to hand-thrown pottery and hand-crafted furniture, right now, consumers are loving product ranges featuring as many natural materials as possible and objects that maximise that homely look. Interiors that incorporate lots of green decoration evoke the sense of freedom that’s so important to this lifestyle.

Farmhouse furniture, vintage and all things green

Antique or new farmhouse furniture is largely made of wood. They often have a vintage look with a patinated finish. One such example is the Piccadilly chest of drawers from Xhaka Art . And the Belle Couture sofa suite from JAB Anstoetz exudes even more pastoral retro charm. The vintage character of the upholstery design is ideal for a cottagecore interior. Pretty floral fabrics enjoy such popularity in the cottagecore trend because they embody the spirit of romanticism and the rural idyll. This is demonstrated by Flora, a decorative fabric from Christian Fischbacher , for example.

In addition to farmhouse furniture and vintage products, cottagecore fans love plants. After all, what conveys a feeling of freedom and nature better than real greenery? If you want to create a cosy oasis of calm in your own outside space, the Hanging Egg Exterior Chair from Sika-Design is ideal. And the Tika outdoor lantern from Vincent Sheppard provides the perfect lighting.

Cosy living with the "Tika Outdoor Lantern" by Vincent Sheppard N.V.

The Tika outdoor lantern from Vincent Sheppard N.V. takes the cosy atmosphere outdoors, very much in keeping with the style of the cottagecore trend. (Photo: Vincent Sheppard N.V.)

Town or country: cottagecore works anywhere

Cottagecore is popular all around the world, especially with younger generations. The sense of longing for freedom and nature continues to grow in parallel with digitalisation and concerns about climate change. Natural materials – which are central to the trend –have become indispensable in the interior design scene. And vintage elements never really go out of fashion. The romanticised cottage style is thus more relevant than ever and is leaving an impression on the industry.

Anyone who wants to enjoy rustic charm at home will find inspiration in the cottagecore lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether we really live in the country or are happy in the city, because cottagecore can make itself at home anywhere. Sometimes a piece of vintage furniture and a floral curtain might be enough to make a space cosy and homely. But those who would like to take the look further will find plenty of inspiration in the new trend. In any case, there’s certainly plenty of scope for experimentation.

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