12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Pure Talents Contest 2022 - The designers and their products

TROJAN VACUUM from Tobias Bihlmeyer and Ivo Erichsen

Trojan Vacuum

A vacuum cleaner that works “ON” and “OFF” thanks to its cosy aesthetic

TROJAN VACUUM combines the functionality of a vacuum cleaner with the aesthetic and useful qualities of minimalist furniture design, underscoring the “home” in “home appliance”. Our focus is on repairability and the use of sustainable materials. Aesthetic and transformative qualities create a long-lasting product that takes account of the fact that it is only actually in use for 16 minutes per week.

The designer

Tobias Bihlmeyer and Ivo Erichsen

Tobias Bihlmeyer und Ivo Erichsen, Germany
University FH Potsdam (Tobias), Universtiät der Künste Berlin (Ivo)
Study program Produktdesign

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