12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Pure Talents Contest 2022 - The designers and their products

Soapso from Florian Bremer

Soapso von Florian Bremer

3 soaps, designed as palpable objects, as a playful way to protect yourself

The Soapso project is a collection of three soaps. The goal is to give soap a more palpable, narrative quality. Although soap is a very old product, its appearance is often very rudimentary and monotonous. Soapso is therefore the ultra-tactile version of a classic that is more important than ever in pandemic times. For children in particular, this product offers a playful way to protect yourself by washing your hands.

The designer

Florian Bremer

Florian Bremer, Germany
University Kunsthochschule Kassel
Study program:Product Design

Florian Bremer at Instagram
Florian Bremer at ambista