12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Was wird uns verkauft? Produkt versus Story | Event on the imm cologne 2024

What are we Being Sold? Product vs. Story

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imm cologne Eventteam

50679 Köln
Studio @ Circle Café, Hall 3, C26

The event

Explorers of the Unexplored. 

IT ALL BEGAN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS. On a photo trip, founder Jutta Werner observed local farmers bundling their hay bales with bright, almost silvery glowing strings of candy wrappers. They hung from almost every one of the small houses with corrugated iron roofs and danced impressively in the wind. Fascinated by the material, the radiance of the colors and the light, the first vision of NOMAD was born, the first idea of the Candy Wrapper Rug. 

In a close and honest partnership with Indian weavers, the previously unnoticed raw material was processed and woven with plain new wool in many different colors to create high-quality rugs. This has since been followed by the outdoor-friendly Rubber Rug, which is made from used bicycle inner tubes and won the Green Product Award. The Coco Rug, on the other hand, is a tribute to the fashion icon of the same name, made from discarded sheepskin scraps. The result is design products with a special feel, a unique look and a meaningful story. PRODUCE LESS, PRODUCE WELL 

DESIGNLABEL'S CARPETS are real personalities. They are not just performers, but combine beauty with character, extravagance with authenticity, exclusivity with honesty, luxury with ethics - as poetic objects with architectural charisma in the room. In this way, NOMAD proves that upcycling can be tasteful and desirable and, above all, can shape our daily lives and drive global change. To this end, the brand is always looking for optimal solutions for an ethical cycle in order to generate less waste and create long-lasting favorite rugs that can be heirlooms.