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The “Das Haus – Interiors on Stage” 2018

Lucie Koldova - Das Haus 2018

Lucie Koldova wants to make Das Haus 2018 a poetic experiment on light

The selection of Lucie Koldova as the guest of honour underscores the integration of the home design element of light as an integral part of the international interiors show, imm cologne 2018. How many moods can be created with light? In the opinion of Lucie Koldova, the young Czech designer who will be designing »Das Haus – Interiors on Stage« at imm cologne as guest of honour in 2018, the number is almost limitless. In her living vision »Light Levels«, she shows the »levels of light« that she finds most important for her house: light for representation, for creative work, light for relaxing and looking after oneself, for presentation and getting dressed; light for being alone and clearing the head and light for welcoming people. »Das Haus« 2018 allows many facets of living to shine. The trade fair organisers have nominated Lucie Koldova, the celebrated designer of the Czech design scene, for the next imm cologne. The task was to emphasise the importance of light for the design of living space. And although Lucie Koldova is primarily known for her spectacular lamps, she approached this challenge with a great deal of enthusiasm. This is because she is much less concerned with the form than with »the energy that comes into our homes with the light«, according to the 34-year-old designer, who resides in Prague: »I want to tell the story of an ideal house, and not with words, but instead with light in the most varied forms.«

Das Haus 2018

Rooms for living, woven of light and material

»Das Haus 2018« will be formed of almost honeycomb-like lighting cells joined with one another, in which light, appearing in the most varied forms and programming variations, will not only mark out the space, but also support its function and a specific sentiment. »In my ›Haus‹, light will play the main role, and the furniture will complete the rooms – and not the other way around!«, says Lucie Koldova, summing up the new characteristics of »Das Haus« in a nutshell. As a result, every room in Koldova’s »Haus« stands for a certain feeling and a practical function in everyday life aimed at satisfying individual needs, while a living room at its heart represents shared experiences Angular and round, bright and shadowy, cool and soft are the contrasts with which Lucie Koldova plays here. For »Das Haus« she also came up with quite a few ideas with regard to furnishing that are extraordinary in terms of design vocabulary and material language. For example, a glass washing stand for Antonio Lupi in unusual colouring accompanied by a family of bowls, or the »Soft Islands« sofa landscape for relaxing. A new product from Brokis will also be introduced in »Das Haus«: Ivy, a small glass light that can be used as an individual product or for extensive installations. Here lights become a hearth, a curtain of light, a lantern showing the way home. Each room is dominated by its own material and its own light colour.

Das Haus 2018

Back to Europe

»Following the transatlantic ›Haus‹ by Todd Bracher, we are returning to Europe with Lucie Koldova, to Prague, the cradle of superb glassware «, reveals the Creative Director of imm cologne, Dick Spierenburg. »We were particularly impressed with her light designs. They reveal an ideal combination of materials like wood, brass and copper with the lustrous quality of glass that has been blown to the limits of what is technically possible – they are remarkable. In 2018, we are focussing on the subject of light and emphasising its importance as a creative design element. With this in mind, we also want to let our prestige project ›Haus‹ shine in a special light – in the truest sense. And, as a highly talented designer of lighting products, Lucie Koldova is the perfect person to do this.«