12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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VANTOT: „Impact Of Light“ (Halle 3)

Interview Esther Jongsma Installation Circle

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It is not the volume of the luminaire that is of interest, but the effect of the light on the room itself. In this installation, the designer duo from Breda plays with the possibilities that the system offers for large light sculptures in public spaces as well as for small, intimate rooms. The installation therefore consists of an open outdoor area and a darker indoor area, which are illuminated with the same system and yet can create completely different lighting impressions.

Photo: Guido Schiefer

Esther, what ideas do you deal with in your work and how are these reflected in the Installation Circles?

We want to achieve optimal solutions with a minimum of material. That is our approach to sustainable products. We want to prove that you can create large, impressive installations with less material - for example, with modular lighting systems that can be used to create both small and large light sculptures. We also like to use translucent materials such as plastics and glass. Our products are designed to take away the fear of contact and have a playful, interactive character. After all, low-voltage technology no longer harbours any danger. We have become accustomed to touchscreens very quickly and will come into direct contact with electrical tools at more and more interfaces. Lighting systems should therefore no longer be constantly hidden or concealed behind walls and panelling. This is exactly what we are showing in our installation at imm cologne: the playful use of a modular lighting system that can be utilised as a tool for individual, creative applications. In the private sphere as well as in architectural lighting.

But in the living area, luminaires are mainly used perceived as objects, aren't they?

Yes, that will of course dominate at the trade fair. But we're taking a new approach and conceptualising light and luminaires differently. It's not really a lighting object that we're designing, but a lighting system - something that can change shape and character.

What will that look like in concrete terms?

In our installation, we will use the same system in a dark room and an open room surrounding it. In the former we will demonstrate the home situation, in the open space we will show the architectural lighting possibilities in the form of a large light sculpture. You will realise that the same system is also attractive in a smaller application form for private solutions. And in this way a light sculpture can be created on a smaller scale. The installation is intended to show that one system can be used to create all kinds of objects and that there is no categorical separation between the lighting of private spaces and architectural projects - the transition is fluid.

What do you find most exciting about the task of designing this Installation Circle?

The installation is entitled "Impact of Light" - and that's exactly what we're playing with. There is always an element of surprise to what the light does and how it works on site. It is a great opportunity to test this out, to work with the positions of the lights in the circular structure and to design a space. The installation will have the character of a sculpture that can be seen from afar and is intuitively understandable. We are looking forward to talking to architects and users about it and showing them our idea of light and lighting.