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Authentic content in two minutes

BeReal increasingly competes with social apps

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Perfectly staged and painstakingly edited: What has become the norm on social media should not exist on BeReal. Authentic content is the order of the day. Can the BeReal app really deliver on this promise? Or is it just one of many trends? In fact, BeReal seems to be becoming more and more interesting for companies. Find out here how the app works, who is already active there, and what potential BeReal has for the furnishings industry.

bereal photography with smartphone refargotohp-unsplash

Capture the perfect moment - within two minutes. That's what the new trend app BeReal requires of its users. (Photo: refargotohp on Unsplash)

What is BeReal?

Imagine you only have two minutes to take a good photo - and there's another challenge: when you take the photo is decided by chance. Chance is actually an algorithm, but the principle remains the same: On BeReal, you (and your contacts) receive a request every day at a random time to take a photo of exactly that moment - without filters or editing options. The idea is to create posts that are authentic and encourage interaction.

Developed in 2020 by Alexis Barreyat and Kevin Perreau, the app has another innovation: the dual camera shoots both ways at once: selfie and snapshot in one. Since then, other apps have also introduced the popular feature - and with over 21 million users predominantly from Generation Z , the app is well on its way to overtaking TikTok .

BeReal Double Camera by Sam Lion on Pexels

Just two minutes for an authentic BeReal is not a lot of time. The challenge for companies is to schedule content that looks authentic and spontaneous. (Photo: Sam Lion on Pexels)

Why BeReal is interesting for companies

In addition to many private individuals, a number of brands are already represented on the app: Kiehl's, Vogue Germany, L'Oréal, Mango. Why is BeReal so interesting for companies of this size? Especially since makeup and fashion have rather little in common with the "no makeup" approach. But that is precisely where the appeal lies. Brands like L'Oréal offer their target group a look behind the scenes and strengthen their employer branding. Generation Z is known for its high expectations of employers, be it work-life balance, inclusion and diversity , or sustainability. Companies can respond to these values, position themselves as a modern employer and build a strong bond through active community management.

On the other hand, BeReal offers a playground to try out new ideas. What does the target group like and what doesn't ? In discovery mode, content can be shared with all users of the app. Analyses of which BeReals receive particularly high interaction provide marketing departments with important insights for their content strategy - across all platforms.

How to use the BeReal app correctly

  • The app needs practice. As soon as you open the notification, the countdown starts. You can discard photos and take new ones - but only for two minutes. You won't see others' BeReals until you've posted something yourself. So try out the app in private first and familiarize yourself with the functions.
  • Company and app must harmonize. What content do you want and can you share on the BeReal app? Is there enough content, for example, insights into furniture production or everyday life in the retail store? Is your team on board?
  • BeReal requires more than two minutes per day. You need to interact with the community, build a network, promote the platform. You should be flexible, always ready, and creative to handle the fast-moving medium. Make sure there are enough resources.
  • BeReal is not a traditional marketing channel. It's all about community building, target group research and employer branding. Conversion rates and sales cannot be increased with BeReal (for the time being); advertising is prohibited under the terms and conditions.

Can advertising be placed on BeReal?

BeReal is a young app with a rapidly growing community. The innovative approach and the increasing usage figures have attracted investors. The company is therefore able to finance itself completely externally and does not have any advertising customers. There are no business accounts and no shopping function.

In the long term, the company must be profitable. With increasing success, the BeReal app can also be monetized one day, function as a sales channel and perhaps even go public. Many other social networks have led the way. Twitter generated 90 percent of its revenue from advertising (before Elon Musk's takeover), and Instagram stores are booming. It is quite conceivable that the founders of BeReal will follow a similar path. Those who join now may benefit later from a very good reach and an active community. Last but not least, just like Pinterest and the like, BeReal can serve as a source of inspiration for interior design trends.

What the Future Holds - Business Insights at the imm cologne

The BeReal app is particularly popular with Generation Z and stands out from other social networks thanks to its authenticity. Companies from the interior design industry can use BeReal for their employer branding and customer loyalty - similar to large cosmetics and fashion companies. If BeReal were to introduce advertising or shopping features, the app would be doubly interesting for companies. In the meantime, you can already try out the BeReal app privately and find out whether the format suits your company.

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