12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Pure Talents Contest 2022 - The designers and their products

Embossing Wood from Hemmo Honkonen

Embossing Wood von Hemmo Honkonen

Embossing wood is an exploration of a new surface texturing method for wood.

Embossing wood is an exploration of an experimental embossing method for wood. The method is based on the thermo-hydro-mechanical properties of wood and allows easy and cost-efficient texturing of wooden surfaces. Textures that would be too slow and expensive to produce with conventional methods become feasible. The set of furniture serves as sample pieces that demonstrate the different qualities and the potential of the surfaces.

The designer

Hemmo Honkonen

Hemmo Honkonen, Finland

University : Aalto University
Study program: Masters Programme in Interior Architecture

Hemmo Honkonen at Instagram