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FURNITURE 4.0 – Circular Cooperation Network Days

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In line with the motto "Connecting Communities", Koelnmesse is organizing the second edition of the CCND together with the Circular Cooperation Network of the furniture industry FURNITURE 4.0.

The three themed days will focus on the development of regulations and framework conditions for more circular use of resources, "Best Practices To Next Practices" activities in the retail sector and attractive matchmaking and networking events on Community Day.

(15.01.) Day 1 – Resources
(16.01.) Day 2 - Retail & Customers
(17.01.) Day 3 - Community
(15.01.) Day 1 – Resources

The CCND event on Day 1 takes a holistic view of the topic of resources. Efficient resource utilization requires a transformation of our mindset and economic systems. Innovation plays a key role in developing sustainable solutions and driving change. The focus is on responsibility towards future generations to ensure that sustainable practices are embedded in all aspects of our actions. We shed light on the challenges and opportunities by exploring innovative approaches to promoting sustainability and circularity. We present best practices from the furniture and interior design industry in the context of sustainable and circular aspects such as reuse, remanufacturing and the effective utilization of residual materials from production. Innovative practices to extend the product life cycle to live experience - from smart design concepts to creative remanufacturing techniques.

(16.01.) Day 2 - Retail & Customers

(16.01.) Day 2 - Retail & Customers

Day 2 of the CCND event is dedicated to the key factors that are having a sustainable impact on the furniture and interior design industry: Changing customer behavior and the need for retailers to adapt. In particular, we will focus on the transformation of stationary retail towards sustainable practices and scenarios that retail companies are undergoing to meet these challenges. The discussion highlights the profound impact of the changing customer behavior of the younger generations in terms of sustainability on retail. We analyze how the expectations and preferences of Millennials and Generation Z are shaping the market and forcing the industry to find innovative ways to meet these demands. We will look at the change process in the retail companies themselves and discuss the need for changes in corporate culture and structure and the possible ways in which a sustainable orientation not only improves the environmental balance but also strengthens the market position.

(17.01.) Day 3 - Community

The third day of the CCND event will focus on the community and four circular topics with space for exchange, discussion and networking. Circular Design: In the context of circularity, design emphasizes minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency. It is a holistic approach that focuses on the sustainability of products and thus makes a positive contribution to reducing environmental impact. Circular Material: The use of materials plays a crucial role in the creation of circular furniture products. This includes the selection of sustainable, recyclable or biodegradable, recyclable materials that can be used multiple times during their lifetime and beyond. Circular Framework: Setting policy frameworks and providing support in the economic transformation processes from linear to circular are existential for companies and markets. Policy measures must promote the transition to more sustainable business practices and the implementation of circular economy principles. Circular ecosystem: Economic ecosystems enable the creation of collaborations and partnerships between different stakeholders (e.g. manufacturers, repair service providers, reuse centers and recyclers). By integrating these processes at regional level, the ecological impact can be reduced through new logistics concepts, local economies can be strengthened and options for scalability (regional and cross-sector) can be verified.

Information on the detailed programme will follow shortly.

FURNITURE 4.0 Happy Hour – 5.00 p.m.
The FURNITURE 4.0 network initiative and Koelnmesse invite you to a get-together. Bring the first day of the trade fair to a relaxed close with beer, pretzels and music. Make or deepen valuable contacts in a relaxed atmosphere, expand your network and exchange ideas with your industry colleagues

At what time and where?

Date: 15. + 16. + 17.01. 2024
Venue: Studio @ Circle Lounge
Hall 7, C041
Time: 11 a.m. – 3. p.m.

Your contact

Netzwerk-Initiative FURNITURE 4.0
Christof Flötotto
Tel.: 0173 6425996

Andre Hempel
Tel.: 0174 3876921