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Dazzling variety

Shining the spotlight on decorative lamps in many different forms

Lighting is often a secondary consideration when designing an interior. It’s only once the furniture has been chosen and arranged that decorative lighting solutions are called upon to really bring the room to life. And not just in terms of functional brightness – the right lamp in the right place makes the most of the decor and has a significant impact on the overall ambience. The latest lighting trends offer a wide range of inspiring ideas for every style.

Zappy pendant lamp from Schneid

Unconventional, head-turning designs like the Zappy pendant lamp from Schneid make a great addition to any room with their playful shapes and unusual materials. (Photo: Schneid)

Small table lamps with a big impact

A quick look at the lighting industry scarcely reveals anything average. Indeed, the current range of products available is dominated by large statement lamps and small light sources. Decorative table lamps in particular showcase the creativity of their designers. Whether on a bookshelf, bedside table or windowsill, they attract attention, drawing the focus to exciting elements in the room or making an impression thanks to their own shape and design.

The designs are just as varied as the places they can be located, with geometric lamps challenging the eye and creating visual tension – both on their own and in combination with the rest of the decor. In the case of the decorative Pascal table lamp from Eichholtz , for example, round glass spheres have been paired with a rectangular metal frame. Playful light sources, filament lamps and neon lettering can provide pops of brightness and don’t even need eye-catching fixtures.

And finally, amusing lamps – such as those featuring bright colours or cute animal shapes – make people smile, introducing a pleasant contrast into elegant homes. It’s not just children who are enchanted by the cheerful colour palette used in the Dolly lamp range from Bsweden Belysningsbolaget , for example – and the extravagant lighting solutions from Seletti are very popular across all generations, too.

Portable lighting for complete flexibility

LED technology has opened up a new level of portability in lamp design. Instead of having to be positioned in a fixed location within a cable’s length of the nearest plug socket, battery-powered lamps offer a range of motion never before imagined. Because elegant light sources can now also provide illumination on balconies, patios or in gardens, this can contribute towards a blurring of the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces .

Mobile lighting solutions made from natural materials like wood or bamboo are the perfect choice for interiors inspired by nature or fans of the Scandi look. But modern variants made of glass and metal are also conquering the market. For instance, the Twilight lighting object from Wali casts a pleasant, diffuse glow for a cosy evening ambience. The Oasi lamp from Hind Rabii on the other hand, stands out for its handblown glass body, while its striking metal handle makes moving it to a different position effortless. Cordless, battery-powered lamps offer even more freedom when it comes to location, as rooms or scenes can be flexibly lit and visual anchor points can be redefined time and time again.

Twilight table lamp from Warli

Small lamp, big impact: the Twilight table lamp from Warli conjures up a cosy atmosphere on any tabletop. (Photo: Warli)

Playful shapes and trendy materials

Whether intended to be sat on the table, stood on the floor or suspended from the ceiling, the designs found in the new lamp trends express creativity in all its forms. Three themes are currently emerging.

First of all, designers are increasingly looking to nature for inspiration. Organic shapes, plant or animal imagery and natural materials reflect our longing for greater contact with nature – something that has made its mark in the biophilic design trend in both architecture and home furnishings . Warm or indirect light creates the right atmosphere for this interior design style. The handcrafted Zappy Lighting pendant lamp from Schneid, which consists of a multitude of wooden “leaves”, is an excellent example of this look.

Fans of a more modern style will find a whole host of lamps in geometric shapes, featuring contrasting combinations. Round glass spheres have been matched with the straight lines of metal struts, while the decorative CLOQ table lamp from Domus presents a kind of organised chaos consisting of multiple wooden rings.

Last but not least, many manufacturers have embraced a new playfulness in their lamp designs. Whether bright colours, as in the Macaron lamp from EMKO , or the elegant baubles of the Bulles chandelier from Reflex , which are reminiscent of a glittering mobile: far removed from severe lines and an understated design language, these models are a joy to light up and act as bright highlights in any space – certainly not just in children’s rooms.

Bulles chandelier from Reflex

With its elegant and lightweight appearance, the decorative Bulles chandelier from Reflex draws the eye. (Photo: Reflex)

How decorative lighting solutions enhance interior design

The great variety of lighting design is clear even from this brief overview. Whether portable, abstract or playful, lamps inject their own dynamism into any interior and have a significant impact on the ambience in a room. Depending on their creative form, they are often small works of art in themselves – the best-known examples of which can be seen in major museums around the world. The spectrum ranges from high-quality design objects to bespoke alternatives. As this new enthusiasm for design shows, lighting is much more than just an afterthought. New and different approaches are always possible – and desirable. Decorative lamps, table lamps and portable, battery-powered lamps are therefore among the most flexible interior design ideas for achieving a big impact with little effort.

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