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A good move

Check pattern turns into the interior design trend 2022

Check patterns have become a trend in the fashion and beauty industries over the past year. It was therefore only a matter of time before the pattern also reached interior design: from carpets and curtains to lampshades, plaid interiors will make an impact in 2022.

Patterned carpets and stools in the living room.

Whether on rugs or stools: checkerboard patterns will take the world of home decor by storm this year. (Photo: Nani Marquina)

Checked out: where does the 2022 plaid home decor trend come from?

One look at your Instagram and Pinterest feed is enough to tell: check patterns are taking the fashion world by storm right now. The simple, iconic design of individual squares is showing up on jackets, pants, and even bags. The beauty industry is also jumping on the checkered train and celebrating the trend with nails in a checkerboard pattern. It's clear that the checkered look is currently dominating all trend rankings. Where does the hype around the geometric pattern come from? It is often difficult to trace the origin of trends - the unexpected is also what makes them so appealing. For the cult of plaid patterns, one trigger is almost obvious: the Netflix series "The Queen's Gambit." This effect is not an exception, as more and more trends in interior design are influenced or even triggered by TV series.

"The Queen's Gambit" tells the story of young Beth Harmon, who discovers her unique talent for chess. The historical drama is not only popular with chess fans - in the first 28 days after its release, around 62 million viewers worldwide watched the series.

The popularity of chessboard patterns goes way back before we ever heard of Beth Harmon. The simple, two-tone checkerboard pattern has been used in interior design around the world for centuries. Checkerboard floors were especially popular during the Renaissance in Europe. A few centuries later, in the 1920s, black and white linoleum or ceramic tiles with a checkered look became popular flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Today, the contrasting pattern is featured in a variety of design elements, offering a look that is both retro and traditional.

Checkerboard patterns are a good move

There's no doubt that checkerboard patterns are in. Last year, a do-it-yourself trend started on social media that could be described as a forerunner of the checkerboard hype. We are talking about tile tables and stools. The DIY furniture pieces were designed with plain tiles and colorful grout or in a checkerboard pattern. But that was just the beginning for the checkered pattern trend.

On Pinterest , searches around the checkered pattern soared. Searches for checkerboard nails increased 165 percent, checkerboard patterns increased a full 160 percent, and requests for plaid suits for men increased 95 percent. Search terms such as "checkerboard carpet" and "checkerboard tile flooring" more than quadrupled, indicating that the future of our interiors may very well be characterized by alternating squares in different colors.

Millenials (born between 1980 and 1995) and baby boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) in particular are driving the check pattern hype, making the trend even more interesting for the interior design industry. Millenials, also known as Generation Y, are the first generation to grow up with digital and social media, making them particularly trend-savvy and open to new styles. Born in the post-war era, Baby Boomers are a generation that is very career-oriented. This makes them a high spending target group.

Pinterest is sure that checkerboard patterns will have their big moment this year, even outside these two target groups. Some designers have already recognized this and are venturing a first step towards interior trends 2022 with checkered designs.

Colourful, checked carpets in a living room

The label Hand in Hand combines two major trends at once: hand-knotted from sustainable materials, the rugs in a checkerboard pattern are available in many color combinations. (Photo: Julia Zierer for handinhand)

Plaid carpets & Co.: Plaid is the trump card

While classic plaid patterns such as glencheck, houndstooth or even gingham have been trendy in recent years, the classic pattern has a concise unique selling point: it usually consists of two strongly contrasting colors and clearly defined squares - like a checkerboard. To some, this may remind them of the earlier era of punk or emo, but those days are gone and the checkered pattern now shows a chic side. Even though the black and white checkered tile floor is still one of the absolute classics today, the checkerboard pattern can do much more than just flooring.

There are already brands that demonstrate a flair for trends and integrate checkerboard patterns into their designs. Like Claudia Zackrocki, for example, who specializes in plaid carpets with her label Hand in Hand . The hand-knotted and sustainably produced rugs provides fresh accents in the home in 30 different designs: from restrained cream colors to vibrant pink and orange. To match the geometric pattern of the fluffy accessories, the collection also features vintage marble chessboards.

Nani Marquina is also one of the labels that have recognized the checkerboard trend. The brand is best known for the unusual design of its rugs: from floral all-over prints to embroideries reminiscent of Miró to carpets in the shape of large flowers. And now the new styles are presented in the checkered interior trend of 2022.

In addition to rugs, the world of home furnishings is showing the checkered trend on mugs, pillows and blankets. What makes the checkered look so special? It's bolder than other plaid patterns, more striking than Vichy and gingham, and can be combined in different colorful ways depending on your preference: whether monochrome in black and white or gaudy in complementary colors. It conveys vintage feelings without much effort; just one piece of furniture turns every room into an eyecatcher.

Check? Check!

Whether in the classic black and white look or brightly colored: checkerboard patterns are versatile and set exciting accents in any interior. Currently, the trend is still mainly seen on home accessories such as carpets and cushions, but it is already clear that the pattern has far more potential. We are excited to see how the interior design industry will make this trend its triumphant success.

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