12.–16.01.2025 #immcologne

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Installation Circles, Hall 3, A19

VANTOT: „Impact Of Light“

In the VANTOT installation, light is disembodied: installed on a filigree grid system, VANTOT uses spotlights to create spaces and sculptures out of light. It is not the volume of the luminaire that is of interest, but the effect of the light on the room itself. In this installation, the designer duo from Breda play with the possibilities that the system offers for large light sculptures in public spaces as well as for small, intimate rooms. The installation therefore consists of an open outdoor area and a darker indoor area, which are illuminated with the same system and yet achieve completely different lighting effects.


VANTOT's light sculptures are intended to invite architects and users to interact creatively with light - as a sensual game without fear of contact with low-voltage technology, with smart interactive products and modular, scalable systems. "The installation will have the character of a sculpture. We are very much looking forward to simply being able to show our idea of light and lighting," says Esther Jongsma from VANTOT. "Impact Of Light" shows lighting design with maximum design freedom, with flowing transitions from outside to inside, from public to private, from architectural lighting to the home area.

All photos: © VANTOT